App Review: Walmart Grocery App


I’m always looking for a time-saver, especially on the weekends. I love meal planning and getting my calendar all set for the next week which usually involves grocery shopping.

The average person spends 41 minutes at the grocery store each trip. If you multiply that by the typical 1.5 grocery store visits each week, we spend about 53 hours a year shopping for groceries (CreditDonkey). Woah!

The Walmart Grocery app is here to give you back those 53 hours. The app allows you to do all of your grocery shopping from your phone, you never have to set foot in the store. I’ve got a special $10 off promo code on your first online order, too!


The app allows you to track your spending in the top righthand corner, and you can also add favorites – those things you know you will need every single week. They will show up right when you open the app and you can quickly add these essentials to your cart.


Searching is easy too. The top lefthand corner has a menu icon that will drop down and show you all of the grocery categories. You can browse all of the frozen foods, produce, or drinks by clicking on the category.


If you make a grocery list every week like me, you can use the search bar at the top and type in exactly what you’re looking for. Jennie-O ground turkey is a staple in my house. Instead of browsing all of the meat, I just type in exactly what I’m looking for and the app will take me right to it. I also like that the app keeps my total displayed as I add items to my cart so I can stick to my budget.


Once you find the product you’re looking for, just click “Add to Cart” and select the quantity. Don’t forget, if it’s a staple for you, click the heart icon on the right and it will instantly be added to your favorites.  If you want more information on any of the items, just click the item and it will take you to the product details.


When you’re ready to check out, click the shopping cart icon in the top righthand corner. You can review all the items in your cart and remove anything you don’t need or change the quantity. Note – there is a $30 minimum in order to check out. So if you just need one or two items, you won’t be able to do a quick shopping trip using the app. Once you reach the $30 minimum and have everything you need in your cart, click “Check Out.”


You know when you go to the check out line at the grocery store they have the magazine and candy racks staring at you? The app hits you with the same temptation. They will make a few last-minute suggestions for you to add to your cart before you get to the real check out. If you know you got everything on your list, just ignore this page and move along.

The next page asks you to choose your pickup address. You can starch for the location closest to you and make it your “home” store. Then you select your pickup time. The first time I used the app was on a Sunday. My location didn’t have any available Sunday pickup times so I ended up scheduling the pickup for Monday. They will call you about an hour before your scheduled time to let you know they’re processing your order and that it will be ready for you to pickup within the hour.

You can enter your credit card information on the payment method page and elect to store your credit card for future orders. You pay for the groceries at the time you submit your order so you don’t have to give them any kind of payment when you go to pick them up. Review your order one last time.


When you get to the bottom of the order review you will click the “Place order” button and be all set! BUT FIRST! Be sure you use my “refer a friend” promo code ROTQZZNO provided by Walmart before you place your oder and you will get $10 off your first order of $50 or more!


When it’s time for you to pick up your order, head to your pickup location an look for these signs. There are reserved parking spots for people picking up online grocery orders. Call the number on the sign once you park.


A Walmart associate will come out to you car with your groceries all bagged up in these blue cartons and load your trunk up for you! It’s that easy! You really don’t even have to get out of the car. I needed to clear my trunk out so I got out and chatted with the associate for a bit. Then I signed the little electronic receipt pad and within minutes I had my receipt in my email inbox and I was headed home!

Note: They will tell you if there were any items on your list that they weren’t able to find or if they had to substitute anything. On my first order, they had to substitute a canned product I ordered for a larger size because they were out of the size I ordered. I wasn’t charged anything extra for the larger size because they were out of stock of what I ordered. When I unloaded my groceries at home, they hadn’t missed a single item on my list – everything was accounted for!


And I got a free bag full of little samples for being a first-time customer! I’m all about free samples.

Some final thoughts on the app:

I definitely think this is an excellent time saver. It also helped me stick to exactly what was on my list since I wasn’t distracted by other items like I would be if I was going aisle-by-aisle at the store.

I’m unsure of how you would apply coupons if you had them. The app didn’t prompt me to enter any coupon codes – maybe you can put them in the promo code box and see if they applied? I need to look into this more.

The Walmart I typically shop at wasn’t listed as an available location for pickup so I had to go a little out of my way to get to the closest available location. So just note, not all Walmarts participate in the online grocery shopping app.

If you guys try this out or have any helpful tips if you’ve used the app before, let me know! And don’t forget to use the referral promo code ROTQZZNO to get $10 off your first order!

Happy shopping!

30 Days of Gratitude:

Day 5: What sound are you grateful for? thunderstorms!

Day 6: What in nature are you grateful for? the leaves changing colors in the fall

Day 7: What memory are you grateful for? the moment Steven saw me for the first time on our wedding day – #sappy I know!


Friday Favorites!

Welcome to Friday favorites!


Sunshine! We haven’t seen the sun in probably 10 days so I felt like I needed to savor the moments in my sunnies!



Starbucks just came out with their new holiday cups and I love them! One day a week I like to “treat-yo-self” and grab a Starbucks on my way to work. I got adventurous this week and went with the Chestnut and Praline Latte.


I’m happy to report, it was a winner. Definitely going to be a staple for me through the holidays!



Speaking of the holidays…I went to the store hoping to get some halloween cookies. The Pillsbury cookies with the pictures on them are my FAVORITE. I expected there to still be some pumpkin or witch cookies left, but NOPE. All they had were Christmas trees or snowmen!? Too soon. But, I had my mind set on buying these cookies so I couldn’t leave without them.


This week’s delicious recipe was Brunswick stew! I took the recipe from one of my favorite bloggers, Mix & Match Mama. I didn’t think I was going to be a fan of Brunswick stew but I was so happy with how this turned out – it was delicious!


I don’t think the recipe called for the stew to be topped with cheese, but…I love cheese. In my opinion, it makes everything better. Steven adds ketchup to everything, I add cheese. To each his own. Here is the recipe!


Bonus: we got five lunches ( that one tupperware in the back is an extra large one so it lasted Steven 2 days) out of it on top of our dinner! I did the math for what I spent on the ingredients divided by six meals, it came out to about $3 per meal! What a deal!


This week’s winning outfit goes to the “lumberjack” look I sported on Thursday.

I was going for warm and cozy and this outfit definitely fit that bill. Red puffer vest and plaid shirt are from Old Navy – mine are both from last season but they still have similar looks this year, boots are from Famous Footwear (I don’t see the exact ones but these are similar), and jeans are from a little online boutique, Roolee.


30 Days Of Gratitude: 

Day 3: What color are you grateful for? Yellow! It’s my favorite 🙂

Day 4: What food are you most grateful for? Picking one?!?!? Ahhhh!! I’m going to go with spaghetti. It’s one of those foods that makes me think of family dinners and it’s just so yummy!

Leave your grateful comments below or on Facebook!

Wednesday Workout & Day 2 of 30 Days of Gratitude

Today’s Wednesday Workout is inspired by part of a workout I did earlier this week. I tweaked it a little bit, but I can guarantee you will work up a sweat! It’s max 19 minutes, minimum 5 minutes. No excuses, you have the time!

Equipment: None

Time: 5 minutes (1 rd) // 12 minutes (2 rds) // 19 minutes (3 rds)

Burpees: no push-up, include a jump after each one

Push-Ups: try to stick to all on your toes or all on your knees through each the rounds

Squats: knees shoulder-width apart, no weights

Keep track of how many full rounds you get through! If you get through 4 full rounds and 3 burpees into the 5th round, try and hold that number for the second and third sets.

“If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find a way out.” 


Need a playlist? I got ya covered. You can follow this Playlist on Spotify and get the updates each Wednesday!

“If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find a way out.”

You got this! Do what you can, but remember to push yourself – it’s supposed to be hard!

30 Days of Gratitude (I didn’t forget this):

Day 2: What technology are you grateful for? I have to pick just one?! I’m going to go with iTunes/Spotify/MP3 basically online music. So many things I do involve music – working out, zoning in on a project, cheering me up. I’m definitely grateful for the ability to take music with me anywhere I go.

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Family Pictures, Halloween, and 30 Days of Gratitude

Welcome to November! This year feels like it has FLOWN by – I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving?! That’s crazy. I love the holidays so I’m excited for all the festivities coming up. One festivity that I already got a jump-start on this year is family pictures!


Look at my cute little family (I’m a little biased)!! This is the third year we’ve taken a family picture with both dogs and I’m proud that I’ve been able to keep the tradition going this long.


This was 2015’s family photo. My sweet little brother came to our house and took our pictures for us. It was raining so we tried to get it done with a quickness.


And here is 2014’s family picture – look how tiny Wilson was! We took these with some friends at a cute little farm right up the road from my parents’ old house. Our friends took our pictures and then we switched off and I took their pictures.


Ahhh, sorry, just one more. I’m so happy with how these turned out! Thanks to Frozen Images Photography for capturing these sweet images for our family! Anyone in the Portland/Vancouver area should definitely check them out for family photos. Got to get those Christmas cards ready (add that to my to-do list…).


Yesterday we had a Halloween party at work. Lots of kiddos came around and trick-or-treated at our desks. There was a competition between all the legal departments for who had the best decorations. Like our costumes?! #festive


This is what happens when you ask patent people to decorate for Halloween – we color patent application figures related to Halloween. We had pages for the kids to color, spider webs, tombstones, and a table full of treats!


I made these cute little witches hat cookies I saw on Pinterest for all the kids (eaten mostly by the adults…go figure!). They were a big hit!


All the necessary supplies for these cookies – they were super easy and fun! Hope you did something cute and quirky for Halloween!


Steven and I went on a date on Saturday to Barnes & Noble. I could seriously browse that store for hours. I ended up settling on a new book by my favorite author, Jodi Picoult, called “Small Great Things.” I’m about 1/4 of the way through and I’m already hooked. She is such an amazing writer I can’t help but get sucked in!


We followed up our Barnes & Noble date with a grocery store date to pick up what we needed for spaghetti dinner (and a few things for dinner on Sunday, just so you don’t think I put lima beans or corn in my spaghetti). And, obviously, Steven felt like a Hot Wheels car was a necessary ingredient. I swear, he’s like a 4-year-old at the checkout line.


Steven may be the 4-year-old at the grocery store, but I am the 4-year-old when it comes to dinner. This meal made me so incredibly happy. There’s just something about a grilled cheese and soup that speaks to my inner child. The wine was a necessary addition to remind myself that I am in fact a grown up.


I think someone went sticker-happy on this poor apple. We get it, Honeycrisp apple…


We did have one casualty this weekend. RIP to the lower closet shelf. This is the shelf that held all of Steven’s clothes so no one can accuse me of being the one with too many clothes. There was plenty of room on another shelf to move his clothes so this shelf will most likely remain in this exact position for a while. #lazy

Want to do something fun with me? I found this 30-days of Gratitude calendar and I thought I’d go through it this month on the blog. Since I don’t post everyday I’ll just include all the days in between each post on the next one.


  1. What smell are you grateful for today? Autumn Leaves from Yankee Candle. I don’t ever want to live in a world where this small does not exist .

You guys play along with me! Leave your answer in the comments here or on Facebook and let’s see how much gratitude we can pull together this month!

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Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday! Hope your week has been productive and that you’re looking forward to the weekend – I know I am!

Are y’all ready for some Friday Favorites? Here are some of my favorite things from this week.


Meal Planning – I’ve been stepping up my meal-planning game. The main reason behind it is to help with the grocery budget. I find that I spend less at the grocery store if I have planned out exactly what I need for dinner each week. Our lunches are pretty much the same every week, and so is breakfast. But dinner is another story. Having a plan = money saver.


twoCasseroles – Speaking of meals 🙂 the weather has been pretty dreary lately and rainy weather makes me want comfort food. In the south, we all know this means casseroles. Here are a couple casseroles I’ve tried out and have deemed them blog-worthy.

Cheesy Beef Goulash and Chicken Noodle Soup Casserole. If you’re in the market for some yummy comfort food (and not really counting your calories) these two recipes are killer.


On the entertainment front, I’m loving the new upgraded Apple Music that creates these playlists for you based on things you download. I stumbled across this song while listening to my custom playlist one day and I’m a fan.


Also, current favorite TV show(s) are:



I started watching “This Is Us” because NBC said it was the new “Parenthood,” which is my all time favorite TV show and I still haven’t recovered from the series finale. So naturally, with that kind of promotion, I had to watch. And it has not disappointed. It’s only four episodes in and I already love it. It’s a feel good, make you laugh/cry, and make you want to call your parents kind of show.

Younger – oh my, where do I begin. When trying to get another friend hooked on it I described it as the “Sex and the City” for younger millennials. The main character lies about her age in order to get a job in a “younger” industry (she’s really 40, says she’s 26) after being out of the game for about 15 years. It’s completely unfathomable but I binged-watched the first and second seasons (it just started its third season) one weekend while Steven was out of town and I CANNOT STOP. I’m hooked. It’s definitely a #guiltypleasure.


Did I mention it’s been rainy here? I’ve decided to embrace it.


I have a feeling we’re in it for the long haul this winter so I’m not going to avoid it. I’m just going to pull on my boots and walk on! Oh, and, boots are from They sell out QUICK on there though, so here are some other cute ones I found on Amazon. One of my best purchases in the last few months.


These guys don’t mind the rain, so I will take a cue from them and just jump in the puddles too!


I love my fall/winter wardrobe way more than my spring/summer wardrobe. I prefer to be covered up as much as possible 🙂 I think I just like jeans and sweaters, long sleeves, fall colors, all of that stuff way more than shorts and tank tops. I’ve been trying to make an effort to show my coworkers once a week that I do actually know how to dress myself in something other than sweats and hoodies. This week’s favorite outfit award goes to the new beige striped shirt, black jeans, and new booties!

My full-length mirror is currently out of service (it fell off the wall and shattered…hopefully 7 year’s bad luck won’t come my way!) so this is the best I could capture the cuteness! Tunic is from Old Navy, black jeans are a few years old but here are some other cute ones, and the booties are also from Old Navy (I’m nothing if not predictable). It looks like they only have the boots in black right now but hopefully the brown will come back in soon!

Hope you guys have a great weekend – it’s the greatest college football weekend of the season! Go Dawgs!


A Few Pictures and Quirks!


Hey there! Still here, it’s been a little bit. For no particular reason besides life lately has been pretty status quo. And I’ve been slacking on the picture front so there isn’t a whole lot of interesting visual to go along with my banter.


The weather has turned pretty fabulous. Hanging out in the 50s for most of this month, the leaves are all beautiful and fall-y but, yes, the rain is upon us. img_0577

I’ve prepared though, don’t worry. Got some cute little duck boots and my legit rain jacket so I think I’m set. Talk to me again in February when I haven’t seen the sun in 184 days…


It’s my favorite time of year – pumpkin time! These candies are my absolute favorite. Someone else chime in with how great they are so I can prove Steven wrong (he thinks I’m the only person alive who likes these).


Speaking of Steven 🙂 he’s still here too, goofy as ever. Because of the above-pictured candies we’ve been sticking to a regular gym schedule to off-set the sugar intake.


Can I get an amen? This made me giggle. Three days a week my workout involves lots and lots of burpees so I felt like this lady was speaking right at me.


This workout cycle I’m trying to focus on getting in at least 2 days of steady-state cardio. Most of my workouts are high-intensity interval type workouts. The wellness coach at the gym suggested that I really try to focus on working in some steady cardio days which will help with fat loss. So, bring on the running! #goals


Speaking of (basketball) #goals…LeBron James came to Nike last month to do a little interview and I got to go see him! The auditorium only has about 200 seats so my co-worker and I went over there early and waited in line to make sure we got seats. Definitely worth it!


And, in case you’re wondering , our trip to Mexico at the beginning of September was unbelievably amazing. We plan on making it an annual trip with our sweet friends. Everything about it – the hotel, the weather, the pools, the beach, the food, the drinks – IT WAS AMAZING. Excellence Resort at Playa Mujeres…we are already counting down the days until we go back!img_0576

I have no lead-in for this. I wanted to share this so that you know that I have a problem. I put things in the fridge that do not belong there. Exhibit A – the Clorox wipes. I literally looked for these wipes for 3 days before I found them in the fridge. The sad thing is that I knew I put them somewhere ridiculous. When they weren’t under the sink where they belong, I knew my misplacement of objects had struck again. I actually looked for them on the shelves of the fridge, just not in the door. A few months ago, I did the same thing with the peanut butter. Le sigh. I have no explanation.

On that note, one blog that I love to read (Mix and Match Mama – do not judge, she’s the sister of one of the ex Bachelor contestants and she’s amazing and I love following her blog and you should definitely check it out) did a cute little feature that I wanted to borrow and do on here! It’s called “Quirks and Such.” I think it’s fun to get to know a blogger and find some things you can relate to, especially silly things because I’m all about the silly. So, here it goes – a few little quirks and such.

1. I have an obsession with chapstick.


This is the current chapstick lineup in my kitchen. It is very important that it is Chap Stick brand. Also, I prefer cherry over all the other flavors. At this very moment there is a tube of chapstick in my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, purse, car, and my desk at work. I’m never more than a few steps away from it. I get anxiety if it’s not easily accessible. I wore chapstick at my wedding once the lipgloss wore off. I’m super girly, can’t you tell?

2.I believe dishes have feelings.

I think I’ve talked about this on here before, but sometimes I feel bad for the dishes on the bottom of the stack. You know if you have four plates or bowls stacked up on top of each other you always use the top ones. Then when you’re putting the clean dishes away, you put the clean ones back on top. So really you never get to the bottom dishes. This makes me feel sad for those bottom dishes so I make a conscious effort to mix up my dish selection.

3.I hate grits and sweet tea.

I know, can you really call me southern? But it’s true, I’m just not a fan of grits or sweet tea. Grits remind me of baby food and I just can’t get over the texture of them. And sweet tea, meh, it’s just too bitter or something. I’m a diet coke fan all day. Also, I call every soda “Coke” and if you know me you know that when I say, “Can I have a Coke?” that what I really want is a Diet Coke. Because I hate regular Coke.

4.I have to eat the appropriate meal at the appropriate time of day.

Let me explain. I am physically incapable of eating things like pizza, spaghetti, chili, Chinese food, or any other leftover dinner food for breakfast. More specifically, I really can’t eat those foods before noon. My friends really like to send me pictures of them eating leftover chili for breakfast, they find my reaction hilarious. Recently I’ve been able to push that back until about 11:30am (west coast problems – Sunday football starting at 10am really makes it hard to wait until noon for wings/beer). But if it’s earlier than 11:30am, I need to be eating a breakfast food. No exceptions.


Hope I’m not the only weird one out there! I’ll try to get better with this blog thing again. With the holidays coming up, I’m sure there will be lots to share!



Fall Favorites!

FX7B5467.JPGSo very excited to get to see this friend!! We (and our husbands) are heading to Mexico for a long-time-coming vacation together! This trip has been booked since, oh, February! It’s our first time staying at an all-inclusive resort…I know, we’re fancy, huh?! Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to make you plenty jealous when I get home and start posting pictures.

Ok, quick post on some randomness because I feel like you haven’t gotten enough of that lately.


This is what happens when I send Steven to the grocery store. “It was at the checkout, they got me good!” – Steven. However, after taste-testing, I’m not mad about it. It was pretty delicious.


Listened to the new Florida Georgia Line album this week and let me just tell you I dig ALL of the songs. Especially this one.


In case you’ve been living under a rock, football season is upon us! College football officially kicked off over the weekend and I could not be happier! I woke up Saturday morning at 9:45 and turned on ESPN and was pleasantly surprised when football was ALREADY ON!! I guess that’s a win for the west coast. I basically spent all day Saturday watching football and/or tennis (U.S. Open!).


Saturday night I was reunited with this sweet friend from Atlanta! She and her husband made the cross-country move from Atlanta to Seattle about three months ago. I’m so happy to have a little piece of home just a few short hours away now. They were down in Corvallis this weekend doing a little Labor Day vacation so we met up with them for dinner in Salem and got to catch up!


Rewind to Friday (this post is not organized well, I apologize for my lack of chronological order), we went to Top Golf for the first time. A few friends from work came too and we mourned our last Summer Friday for the year. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle having to work 8 hours every Friday now.


Mila and Wilson took (no) Labor Day very seriously. We spent Labor Day watching golf and tennis, going to the gym, and taking the pups on a run. We also took a quick trip to Portland for…


Voodoo Donuts! I actually went here after my interview at Nike, but Steven has never been so he surprised me (by taking me somewhere he wanted to go? Still sweet.).


We waited in line for about 20 minutes and finally made it inside. Check out this giant donut on the ceiling!!


There were SO many options! It was hard to choose but we narrowed it down to four…


And naturally we ordered all four. Marshall Mathers (M&M’s, get it?!), Oh Captain My Captain (vanilla frosting with Captain Crunch topping) and then the staple glazed donut and and blueberry cake donut. They were all absolutely divine. Totally worth the wait.


We headed back to Hillsboro and stopped at a tap house recommended by a co-worker, ABV Brewhouse. We made it just in time for happy hour (our favorite) and ordered a couple beers, a grilled caesar salad and Korean BBQ wings. The perfect way to wrap up Labor Day and send out summer!


I’m not really mourning the loss of summer though. It’s been a scorcher here and with no AC in our little apartment, I’m more than ready to welcome fall with open arms. Also, fall beers are the best. Fall foods/drinks in general are the best, actually. Soup, chili, pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin desserts, tailgate food…mouth = watering.

I know it’s not officially fall yet, but just let me be okay?? Some things I’m looking forward to cooking / buying that help me celebrate fall:

Chili Pot-Pies with Cornbread Crust

Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortellini Soup

Pumpkin Spice Krispy Treats

Apple Crisp

This Beyond Cozy Sweatshirt Dress from Hazel and Olive. This Temecula Burgundy Stripe Dress from Bungalow 123. This Wanna Football Sunday With Me tee from Live Love Gameday. And, one of these Relaxed V-Neck tees in every color from Old Navy.

Hope you have a great week and that it’s starting feel like fall wherever you are!