Race Recap: Zero Prostate Cancer 5K

So I’m a little late on this. I ran my first 5K of the year (what?! how is this only my first 5K in 2015?!) on June 20th with all my friends from the law firm that the madre works for. We are “Team HPB” and we dominate 5K’s. This is our second year doing this race since one of the partners at the firm sits on the board. It’s a race that benefits prostate cancer research and they do it every year on Father’s Day weekend, very fitting! The Zero Prostate Cancer 5K is definitely one to check out next year, and maybe convince your dad to run it with you! Mine would NEVER participate, but he cheered us on from home!


I used to do a million a ton of 5K’s but since I’ve been focusing more on the half marathon and marathon distances the past few years, I haven’t been doing as many as I used to. I was feeling uber prepared for this race. I’ve worked my distance runs up to 10 miles and I’ve been incorporating some speed workouts into my training too. I thought this would be a piece of cake and I’d easily come in with a time in the 27-minute range. Plus, I’ve done this race before, I knew the course. Sure there are some rolling hills, but there’s a giant downhill at the start so I’ll make up time on the start. Well…

image2 image1

Yea, that’s what happened. Check out that mile 1 time! That’s super-speed for me. I guess that immediate downhill helped propel me through the rest of that first mile?! I have no idea. What I do know is that I was tired spent at about mile 1.5 and I was riding front seat on the struggle bus. I stayed there for the rest of the race pretty much. Luckily,  my way-too-fast mile made up for my slower-than-I-wanted mile 2 and mile 3.

There was one very exciting event at this race. One of the wives of the attorney’s who works with the madre actually won first place in her age group! To be fair, her husband also won first place in his age group. But Em’s victory was way more impressive than her husband’s because not only did she finish with a time of 24:46, she pushed their twin girls in a double stroller the entire race! And I’m not talking newborn girls. I’m talking 3-year-old {precious, adorable, beautiful} girls, a solid 60lbs at least worth of extra weight ! She is my hero for sure.


So, this wasn’t my best time, I finished at 28:06. But it definitely wasn’t my worst. It was a solid reminder that I need to work on my mental game, not psych myself out, and remember not to BOOK IT out of the gate. Solid race, but I’m looking forward to another fall 5K to hopefully reach that 27-minute goal!


OH! I forgot to mention the giant truck that fell from heaven that was waiting for us at the finish line…3 miles = 3 donuts, am I right?