Should I Try It? Stitch Fix Review!


Alright y’all, lots of you have probably heard about the fashion subscription service Stitch Fix. If you were’t quite sure if you should try it for yourself, don’t worry. I tried it out for you first! Here’s what you need to know to help you decide whether it’s for you.

To get started, you’ll take a profile quiz online about your style preferences. When you land on the Stitch Fix home page and want to get started, they will take you through a series of questions. The profile building takes about 10 minutes so make sure you set some time aside to go through it. They ask you your clothing sizes, how you would describe your style, and they show you some outfits that you can rank whether you love or hate them. If you have a Pinterest account with a board of fashion or clothes you like (or hate) you can give them a link to that board so the stylist can check it out. They will also ask you about your budget preferences. You’re not charged for any items up front but you will have the opportunity to buy the clothes they ship you. If there’s no way you’d ever buy a $300 shirt, make sure you keep that in mind when answering this section. The last part has a section for notes. DO NOT SKIP THIS PART! Stitch Fix can send you a box full of goodies that can be filled with clothes, shoes, and accessories. I used the comments section to let my stylist know that I wasn’t really interested in any accessories. A real person actually reads your profile so if you have styles, colors, or cuts that you love or hate, tell them! I also made sure to tell my stylist in the comments section that I didn’t want any dresses, anything glittery, or anything too far “out there” when it comes to fashion.

If you want to get started, you will be charged $20. No matter what, you have to pay the $20 styling fee when you sign up for your first shipment (they call your order a “Fix”). You don’t have to commit to a weekly or monthly contract, you can schedule your shipments one at a time. But each time you schedule a Fix you will have to pay the $20 fee. If you decide you want to buy any of the items they send you, that $20 will be applied toward the final cost of your items. But if you end up shipping everything back and not keeping anything, you’ll be out that $20 no matter what. Just be sure when you are scheduling your first order, if you don’t want to set up a recurring subscription that you choose the individual Fix scheduling option.

Once your box arrives, have fun playing dress up! Each box will come with a little note from your stylist talking about the pieces she chose for you, as well as an outfit builder that shows each piece in your box and how you can use it to create an outfit. I have heard from other users that your first box might not be spot on when it comes to matching your style so keep that in mind. The stylists base their choices for you on the online profile you build, and it can really help them if you have a Pinterest board. But other than that it’s up to their discretion. The more you shop and provide feedback on the items, the better your stylist will get to know you and your personal taste. You have the same stylist each time you order so they do pay attention to your feedback. But don’t be discouraged if there are one or two items in your first Fix that are a little off base. Luckily for me, I legitimately loved each item in my box. Everything was right up my alley. I included a link to my “All Dolled Up” Pinterest board so that might have helped. Here’s what I got in my first box.

This absolutely amazing grey anorak jacket was my favorite item in my box. The jacket was amazing quality and I loved everything about it. The striped lining on the inside made me happy! I also got the mustard yellow top. The top of the shirt was lacy and had a really pretty design. The top portion of the back of the shirt has the same lacy design on it (I think I forgot to take a picture of the back of the shirt – oops!). I love the mustard color and it looked really cute with the grey jacket. It was a loose, flowy top which is something I said I liked in my profile.

In addition to the jacket I also got this dark purple hooded cardigan. Sorry my photography skills haven’t quite reached the professional level yet but I wanted y’all to be able to see the hood in the back! And you get a better picture of the lacy design of the top too. The cardigan was incredibly soft, it had pockets, and I loved how long it was. It was so comfortable!

This blue blouse was also super cute. The first picture shows you the sleeve cut-out design that was the real highlight of this top. Both sleeves has cute little flower design cut-outs which really dressed it up. Again, a loose, flowy top just like I asked for. The last thing in my box was this pair of skinny jeans. There was nothing exceptionally wonderful about them, but they were super stretchy and fit me just right. I cuffed them at the bottom and I thought they looked super cute with my booties and the blue top.

Here is the little note and outfit card that your stylist sends you. It highlights each item and gives outfit suggestions.


Check out the price sheet and look at your budget. Your box will come with a price sheet that has the cost for each item. Here was mine.


Some key things to note:

  • You get a 25% discount if you buy all five items in your box.
  • Don’t forget, they apply your $20 styling fee you paid already toward anything that you purchase, even if it’s just one thing.
  • If you want to buy three or four of the items in your box, when you take into account the $20 you’ve already paid, it is probably worth it to go ahead and keep all five items unless you really hate one thing. The 25% discount will usually pay for at least one item, so make sure you do the math before you forego that 25% discount.

DO NOT TAKE THE TAGS OFF THE ITEMS. Don’t take the tags off anything unless you’re planning on buying it 100%. You can’t send anything back that doesn’t have a tag on it. Be really careful if you want to wear any of the items before sending them back too. I could have tucked the tag into the pocket of the grey anorak jacket and worn it to work one day before sending it back, but if you drop any food on it or if anything happens to it while you’re wearing it, you have to buy it. Just be careful.

You Have 3 Days To Decide What to Keep. Once your box arrives, start trying things on right away and deciding if it’s in your budget to keep it. You only have three days to put your returned items in the mail and “checkout” online before you’ll start getting charged for the clothes in your box. Whether you want to keep it all or keep nothing, you’ll have to go through the online checkout process. You will get an email from Stitch Fix around day 2 after you receive your box that will have a link for you to checkout. All of the items you received will be listed as well as the price. You tell them what you’re keeping, what you’re sending back, and then tell them about the piece. Did you love the style? Did it fit right? They want your feedback. Make sure you’re honest so that your next box can be better tailored to your style.

Before you decide what to keep, review your budget. When I saw the total price for my box, for all the items, would be $250, my jaw dropped a little bit. That seems like A LOT of money for five things. But, keep in mind that these are high-quality items and you can tell. I am an Old Navy shopper through and through. For me, this box is the equivalent of shopping at J. Crew or Banana Republic. I will do it occasionally, but not on the regular. If you’re looking to step up the quality of your wardrobe, Stitch Fix will deliver. So I considered that, and then I also considered how much I typically spend on clothes each month. Here’s what my spending looked like:

Oct. 8th – Nov. 7th: $78.45

Sept. 8th – Oct. 7th: $144.89

Total: $223.34

So for me, purchasing my box would have been about the same as two months of my current spending on clothes. It’s a good idea to review your spending habits and see if adding or substituting the Stitch Fix box is feasible. If I had kept all the items in my box, that would have been the end of my spending on clothes for the next two months. You be the judge if it’s worth it to you or not.

They send you a prepaid envelope to return items. After you have checked out online, put whatever items you’re returning in the big ‘ole bag/envelope they give you and drop it in the mail to be shipped back. Again, make sure you do this within three days of receiving your box. The instructions didn’t say anything about needing to print anything to put into the return envelope to show that it was yours, but just to be safe I dropped that price sheet/invoice paper into the envelope as well. Always better to be safe than sorry.

My final thoughts: I think this is a great service if you’re looking to step up the quality of your wardrobe, or if you looking to introduce some style. Because of where I work, I don’t have to dress up. In fact most days I’m wearing a hoodie a jeans. Sometimes it’s hard to bring myself to buy cute clothes, but I know that when we go out on dates or even just running around on the weekends, it would be nice to look a little more put together than I do right now. I take it as a personal challenge. If it wasn’t so close to the holidays, I would have purchased the grey anorak jacket (I was seriously so sad to send it back) and the mustard yellow top for sure. I will definitely order my next Fix after the holidays and really embrace the idea of looking more put together more often.

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try for yourself, I fully support you! Let me know how it goes, and here’s to many cute outfits in your future!


This post may contain affiliate links which means at no charge to you, I may be compensated based on your purchases through certain links in this post.



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