App Review: Walmart Grocery App


I’m always looking for a time-saver, especially on the weekends. I love meal planning and getting my calendar all set for the next week which usually involves grocery shopping.

The average person spends 41 minutes at the grocery store each trip. If you multiply that by the typical 1.5 grocery store visits each week, we spend about 53 hours a year shopping for groceries (CreditDonkey). Woah!

The Walmart Grocery app is here to give you back those 53 hours. The app allows you to do all of your grocery shopping from your phone, you never have to set foot in the store. I’ve got a special $10 off promo code on your first online order, too!


The app allows you to track your spending in the top righthand corner, and you can also add favorites – those things you know you will need every single week. They will show up right when you open the app and you can quickly add these essentials to your cart.


Searching is easy too. The top lefthand corner has a menu icon that will drop down and show you all of the grocery categories. You can browse all of the frozen foods, produce, or drinks by clicking on the category.


If you make a grocery list every week like me, you can use the search bar at the top and type in exactly what you’re looking for. Jennie-O ground turkey is a staple in my house. Instead of browsing all of the meat, I just type in exactly what I’m looking for and the app will take me right to it. I also like that the app keeps my total displayed as I add items to my cart so I can stick to my budget.


Once you find the product you’re looking for, just click “Add to Cart” and select the quantity. Don’t forget, if it’s a staple for you, click the heart icon on the right and it will instantly be added to your favorites.  If you want more information on any of the items, just click the item and it will take you to the product details.


When you’re ready to check out, click the shopping cart icon in the top righthand corner. You can review all the items in your cart and remove anything you don’t need or change the quantity. Note – there is a $30 minimum in order to check out. So if you just need one or two items, you won’t be able to do a quick shopping trip using the app. Once you reach the $30 minimum and have everything you need in your cart, click “Check Out.”


You know when you go to the check out line at the grocery store they have the magazine and candy racks staring at you? The app hits you with the same temptation. They will make a few last-minute suggestions for you to add to your cart before you get to the real check out. If you know you got everything on your list, just ignore this page and move along.

The next page asks you to choose your pickup address. You can starch for the location closest to you and make it your “home” store. Then you select your pickup time. The first time I used the app was on a Sunday. My location didn’t have any available Sunday pickup times so I ended up scheduling the pickup for Monday. They will call you about an hour before your scheduled time to let you know they’re processing your order and that it will be ready for you to pickup within the hour.

You can enter your credit card information on the payment method page and elect to store your credit card for future orders. You pay for the groceries at the time you submit your order so you don’t have to give them any kind of payment when you go to pick them up. Review your order one last time.


When you get to the bottom of the order review you will click the “Place order” button and be all set! BUT FIRST! Be sure you use my “refer a friend” promo code ROTQZZNO provided by Walmart before you place your oder and you will get $10 off your first order of $50 or more!


When it’s time for you to pick up your order, head to your pickup location an look for these signs. There are reserved parking spots for people picking up online grocery orders. Call the number on the sign once you park.


A Walmart associate will come out to you car with your groceries all bagged up in these blue cartons and load your trunk up for you! It’s that easy! You really don’t even have to get out of the car. I needed to clear my trunk out so I got out and chatted with the associate for a bit. Then I signed the little electronic receipt pad and within minutes I had my receipt in my email inbox and I was headed home!

Note: They will tell you if there were any items on your list that they weren’t able to find or if they had to substitute anything. On my first order, they had to substitute a canned product I ordered for a larger size because they were out of the size I ordered. I wasn’t charged anything extra for the larger size because they were out of stock of what I ordered. When I unloaded my groceries at home, they hadn’t missed a single item on my list – everything was accounted for!


And I got a free bag full of little samples for being a first-time customer! I’m all about free samples.

Some final thoughts on the app:

I definitely think this is an excellent time saver. It also helped me stick to exactly what was on my list since I wasn’t distracted by other items like I would be if I was going aisle-by-aisle at the store.

I’m unsure of how you would apply coupons if you had them. The app didn’t prompt me to enter any coupon codes – maybe you can put them in the promo code box and see if they applied? I need to look into this more.

The Walmart I typically shop at wasn’t listed as an available location for pickup so I had to go a little out of my way to get to the closest available location. So just note, not all Walmarts participate in the online grocery shopping app.

If you guys try this out or have any helpful tips if you’ve used the app before, let me know! And don’t forget to use the referral promo code ROTQZZNO to get $10 off your first order!

Happy shopping!

30 Days of Gratitude:

Day 5: What sound are you grateful for? thunderstorms!

Day 6: What in nature are you grateful for? the leaves changing colors in the fall

Day 7: What memory are you grateful for? the moment Steven saw me for the first time on our wedding day – #sappy I know!


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