Friday Favorites!

Welcome to Friday favorites!


Sunshine! We haven’t seen the sun in probably 10 days so I felt like I needed to savor the moments in my sunnies!



Starbucks just came out with their new holiday cups and I love them! One day a week I like to “treat-yo-self” and grab a Starbucks on my way to work. I got adventurous this week and went with the Chestnut and Praline Latte.


I’m happy to report, it was a winner. Definitely going to be a staple for me through the holidays!



Speaking of the holidays…I went to the store hoping to get some halloween cookies. The Pillsbury cookies with the pictures on them are my FAVORITE. I expected there to still be some pumpkin or witch cookies left, but NOPE. All they had were Christmas trees or snowmen!? Too soon. But, I had my mind set on buying these cookies so I couldn’t leave without them.


This week’s delicious recipe was Brunswick stew! I took the recipe from one of my favorite bloggers, Mix & Match Mama. I didn’t think I was going to be a fan of Brunswick stew but I was so happy with how this turned out – it was delicious!


I don’t think the recipe called for the stew to be topped with cheese, but…I love cheese. In my opinion, it makes everything better. Steven adds ketchup to everything, I add cheese. To each his own. Here is the recipe!


Bonus: we got five lunches ( that one tupperware in the back is an extra large one so it lasted Steven 2 days) out of it on top of our dinner! I did the math for what I spent on the ingredients divided by six meals, it came out to about $3 per meal! What a deal!


This week’s winning outfit goes to the “lumberjack” look I sported on Thursday.

I was going for warm and cozy and this outfit definitely fit that bill. Red puffer vest and plaid shirt are from Old Navy – mine are both from last season but they still have similar looks this year, boots are from Famous Footwear (I don’t see the exact ones but these are similar), and jeans are from a little online boutique, Roolee.


30 Days Of Gratitude: 

Day 3: What color are you grateful for? Yellow! It’s my favorite 🙂

Day 4: What food are you most grateful for? Picking one?!?!? Ahhhh!! I’m going to go with spaghetti. It’s one of those foods that makes me think of family dinners and it’s just so yummy!

Leave your grateful comments below or on Facebook!


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