Family Pictures, Halloween, and 30 Days of Gratitude

Welcome to November! This year feels like it has FLOWN by – I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving?! That’s crazy. I love the holidays so I’m excited for all the festivities coming up. One festivity that I already got a jump-start on this year is family pictures!


Look at my cute little family (I’m a little biased)!! This is the third year we’ve taken a family picture with both dogs and I’m proud that I’ve been able to keep the tradition going this long.


This was 2015’s family photo. My sweet little brother came to our house and took our pictures for us. It was raining so we tried to get it done with a quickness.


And here is 2014’s family picture – look how tiny Wilson was! We took these with some friends at a cute little farm right up the road from my parents’ old house. Our friends took our pictures and then we switched off and I took their pictures.


Ahhh, sorry, just one more. I’m so happy with how these turned out! Thanks to Frozen Images Photography for capturing these sweet images for our family! Anyone in the Portland/Vancouver area should definitely check them out for family photos. Got to get those Christmas cards ready (add that to my to-do list…).


Yesterday we had a Halloween party at work. Lots of kiddos came around and trick-or-treated at our desks. There was a competition between all the legal departments for who had the best decorations. Like our costumes?! #festive


This is what happens when you ask patent people to decorate for Halloween – we color patent application figures related to Halloween. We had pages for the kids to color, spider webs, tombstones, and a table full of treats!


I made these cute little witches hat cookies I saw on Pinterest for all the kids (eaten mostly by the adults…go figure!). They were a big hit!


All the necessary supplies for these cookies – they were super easy and fun! Hope you did something cute and quirky for Halloween!


Steven and I went on a date on Saturday to Barnes & Noble. I could seriously browse that store for hours. I ended up settling on a new book by my favorite author, Jodi Picoult, called “Small Great Things.” I’m about 1/4 of the way through and I’m already hooked. She is such an amazing writer I can’t help but get sucked in!


We followed up our Barnes & Noble date with a grocery store date to pick up what we needed for spaghetti dinner (and a few things for dinner on Sunday, just so you don’t think I put lima beans or corn in my spaghetti). And, obviously, Steven felt like a Hot Wheels car was a necessary ingredient. I swear, he’s like a 4-year-old at the checkout line.


Steven may be the 4-year-old at the grocery store, but I am the 4-year-old when it comes to dinner. This meal made me so incredibly happy. There’s just something about a grilled cheese and soup that speaks to my inner child. The wine was a necessary addition to remind myself that I am in fact a grown up.


I think someone went sticker-happy on this poor apple. We get it, Honeycrisp apple…


We did have one casualty this weekend. RIP to the lower closet shelf. This is the shelf that held all of Steven’s clothes so no one can accuse me of being the one with too many clothes. There was plenty of room on another shelf to move his clothes so this shelf will most likely remain in this exact position for a while. #lazy

Want to do something fun with me? I found this 30-days of Gratitude calendar and I thought I’d go through it this month on the blog. Since I don’t post everyday I’ll just include all the days in between each post on the next one.


  1. What smell are you grateful for today? Autumn Leaves from Yankee Candle. I don’t ever want to live in a world where this small does not exist .

You guys play along with me! Leave your answer in the comments here or on Facebook and let’s see how much gratitude we can pull together this month!

Tomorrow I’ll have a “Wednesday Workout” post for you – if you want to make sure you don’t miss it, subscribe to email updates and never miss a new post!


2 thoughts on “Family Pictures, Halloween, and 30 Days of Gratitude

  1. Cinnamon Peanut Butter! Found a jar randomly and am loving the smell and taste!
    Love your blog! Been following you for a bit now, always nice to see a new post! 🙂


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