A Few Pictures and Quirks!


Hey there! Still here, it’s been a little bit. For no particular reason besides life lately has been pretty status quo. And I’ve been slacking on the picture front so there isn’t a whole lot of interesting visual to go along with my banter.


The weather has turned pretty fabulous. Hanging out in the 50s for most of this month, the leaves are all beautiful and fall-y but, yes, the rain is upon us. img_0577

I’ve prepared though, don’t worry. Got some cute little duck boots and my legit rain jacket so I think I’m set. Talk to me again in February when I haven’t seen the sun in 184 days…


It’s my favorite time of year – pumpkin time! These candies are my absolute favorite. Someone else chime in with how great they are so I can prove Steven wrong (he thinks I’m the only person alive who likes these).


Speaking of Steven 🙂 he’s still here too, goofy as ever. Because of the above-pictured candies we’ve been sticking to a regular gym schedule to off-set the sugar intake.


Can I get an amen? This made me giggle. Three days a week my workout involves lots and lots of burpees so I felt like this lady was speaking right at me.


This workout cycle I’m trying to focus on getting in at least 2 days of steady-state cardio. Most of my workouts are high-intensity interval type workouts. The wellness coach at the gym suggested that I really try to focus on working in some steady cardio days which will help with fat loss. So, bring on the running! #goals


Speaking of (basketball) #goals…LeBron James came to Nike last month to do a little interview and I got to go see him! The auditorium only has about 200 seats so my co-worker and I went over there early and waited in line to make sure we got seats. Definitely worth it!


And, in case you’re wondering , our trip to Mexico at the beginning of September was unbelievably amazing. We plan on making it an annual trip with our sweet friends. Everything about it – the hotel, the weather, the pools, the beach, the food, the drinks – IT WAS AMAZING. Excellence Resort at Playa Mujeres…we are already counting down the days until we go back!img_0576

I have no lead-in for this. I wanted to share this so that you know that I have a problem. I put things in the fridge that do not belong there. Exhibit A – the Clorox wipes. I literally looked for these wipes for 3 days before I found them in the fridge. The sad thing is that I knew I put them somewhere ridiculous. When they weren’t under the sink where they belong, I knew my misplacement of objects had struck again. I actually looked for them on the shelves of the fridge, just not in the door. A few months ago, I did the same thing with the peanut butter. Le sigh. I have no explanation.

On that note, one blog that I love to read (Mix and Match Mama – do not judge, she’s the sister of one of the ex Bachelor contestants and she’s amazing and I love following her blog and you should definitely check it out) did a cute little feature that I wanted to borrow and do on here! It’s called “Quirks and Such.” I think it’s fun to get to know a blogger and find some things you can relate to, especially silly things because I’m all about the silly. So, here it goes – a few little quirks and such.

1. I have an obsession with chapstick.


This is the current chapstick lineup in my kitchen. It is very important that it is Chap Stick brand. Also, I prefer cherry over all the other flavors. At this very moment there is a tube of chapstick in my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, purse, car, and my desk at work. I’m never more than a few steps away from it. I get anxiety if it’s not easily accessible. I wore chapstick at my wedding once the lipgloss wore off. I’m super girly, can’t you tell?

2.I believe dishes have feelings.

I think I’ve talked about this on here before, but sometimes I feel bad for the dishes on the bottom of the stack. You know if you have four plates or bowls stacked up on top of each other you always use the top ones. Then when you’re putting the clean dishes away, you put the clean ones back on top. So really you never get to the bottom dishes. This makes me feel sad for those bottom dishes so I make a conscious effort to mix up my dish selection.

3.I hate grits and sweet tea.

I know, can you really call me southern? But it’s true, I’m just not a fan of grits or sweet tea. Grits remind me of baby food and I just can’t get over the texture of them. And sweet tea, meh, it’s just too bitter or something. I’m a diet coke fan all day. Also, I call every soda “Coke” and if you know me you know that when I say, “Can I have a Coke?” that what I really want is a Diet Coke. Because I hate regular Coke.

4.I have to eat the appropriate meal at the appropriate time of day.

Let me explain. I am physically incapable of eating things like pizza, spaghetti, chili, Chinese food, or any other leftover dinner food for breakfast. More specifically, I really can’t eat those foods before noon. My friends really like to send me pictures of them eating leftover chili for breakfast, they find my reaction hilarious. Recently I’ve been able to push that back until about 11:30am (west coast problems – Sunday football starting at 10am really makes it hard to wait until noon for wings/beer). But if it’s earlier than 11:30am, I need to be eating a breakfast food. No exceptions.


Hope I’m not the only weird one out there! I’ll try to get better with this blog thing again. With the holidays coming up, I’m sure there will be lots to share!




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