Life, Eats, Michigan, Olympics…oh my!


Howdy! Nothing but smiles over here lately! This is me with some of my team…they’re pretty spectacular people. The “Unlimited” campaign is Nike’s Olympic theme this year. Right before the olympics started they had a photo booth and everyone was invited to get together with their Unlimited Squad and take pictures together. We’re a pretty fun bunch if you can’t tell!


Speaking of the Olympics, I was basically glued to the TV all weekend. I don’t think I missed one minute of Olympic coverage. This week it’s been nice to catch the prime time coverage at night, but man am I tired! I’ve stayed up past 10pm every night to watch all the swimming and gymnastics. Priorities people…Phelps > Sleep.


Now that the Olympics have started I can share this cool fashion show I got to do at work. They had a bunch of us from the legal team model all of the outfits the athletes were going to wear in Rio – but we had to keep it tight until after the games started…top secret, ya know?! I wore the Brazil kit, I think it’s an outfit they’d wear after they competed and were going around doing interviews. The pants were crazy comfy!


Still working on our golf game! Since golf is back in the Olympics, Steven is big into getting ready for the 2020 games…maybe he’s got a shot!


We’ve been enjoying the summer weather here lately. I’m taking advantage and working outside whenever I can. It’s nice to have a mobile office.


I cut cereal out of my diet a little while back, but I had a pretty big craving for some Raisin Bran one Sunday on my weekly grocery store trip. I decided to give in and boy was it amazing. It will definitely be making it’s way back into my diet.


If you haven’t tried vanilla almond butter, you haven’t lived. A giant piece of bread, vanilla almond butter and sliced banana on top = life. Current favorite snack.


And, because I know you’re super interested in all of my food choices lately, this is my life. Steven wants Chinese food, I want a sandwich. Luckily the Subway and Panda Express are right across the street from each other, less than a mile from us. We are frequent visitors.


Alright, recap of our trip to Michigan. The weather held up and we got to go to a Tigers game!


We had great seats! It was fun to watch a couple former Braves players who are now with the Tigers. Justin Upton and Cameron Maybin both had amazing games for Detroit. Evan Gattis was on the other team, the Astros. He was a beloved Braves player and was traded a few years back. He struck out twice…so it was a rough night for him.


Bonus: Tigers won! Then we went back to Motor City Casino and the boys played poker. I sat at the slots and just had a grand ‘ol time!


Steven met up with some friends from high school at the Imlay City Beer Tent. No joke, it’s a giant tent with kegs of beer at the fair. It was quite an experience for me. It was great to see Steven catching up with old friends and hearing stories about high school.


We drove by Steven’s old elementary school one day on our trip to find…it’s for sale. A school? For sale? I guess that’s what happens when it’s such a small town and everyone grows up and moves away – no new kiddos to move in! We had such a great trip. I got to visit my grandparents, we saw all of Steven’s family too. It was exhausting but always nice to go back home for a bit!


The BFF has got a birthday this weekend! I’m sad I can’t be there to celebrate with her or make her a special dessert (she requests something different every year, and I’m always happy to bake it). But I know she will have a fun weekend with friends and family.


Back when we were #neighbors, anytime she would come over early in the morning – either for a shopping date, yard sale, or morning run – if I had coffee made she’d always be willing to drink some. That was one of my favorite things…it’s those little things in a friendship that make it so sweet!


Sorry if you’re tired of me obsessing over the Olympics. But I’m just so inspired by everything these athletes do, how hard they work, and how much dedication and passion they have for their sport. Getting to watch Michael Phelps swim in this historic 5th Olympics is beyond incredible. We’re watching history people – we’re living it with him! It’s got me feeling all kinds of athlete feels, and I’m soaking up every minute!






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