Wheel of Fortune, Life, and Some Tunes!

This one time, we auditioned for Wheel of Fortune.

IMG_3199Well, we applied to audition. Here’s what went down.

IMG_3193The day started with an early morning workout. My workout clothes never match. I usually wind up looking like an Easter egg.


Followed by the best protein bar that ever existed.


And my morning caffeine kool-aid. Crystal Light, same thing. Please ignore my gym hair.


Then we hopped in the car and headed to Lincoln City. The auditions were held at Chinook Winds Casino which is right on the coast, about 2 hours from where we live.


A casino right on the beach. Because, “It’s better at the beach.” That’s the casino’s little slogan, and I couldn’t agree more.


We followed the arrows to the big tent…


Where we waited in line with about 200 other Wheel of Fortune hopefuls. We weren’t the youngest in line, but we definitely brought the average age down a bit. People watching was on point.


We filled out the little application and waited about 30 minutes in line until they walked us into the showroom where the auditions were held.


There was a game board on stage, a Pat and Vanna “wanna-be” couple, and a big spinning container with everyone’s application. They picked 5 applications at a time out of that big container to the left of the puzzle. If your name was called you had to go up to the stage and tell the audience about yourself and do a little interview. Once all five people were done interviewing they put a puzzle up on the board and played through one speed round. Everyone got to guess a letter and had three seconds to solve the puzzle. This continued until someone got it right. The whole session was recorded and if the producers liked your audition and thought you’d make a great contestant, you’d be called back in a few months to return for a final audition. Out of about 250 people who were at the auditions, they called up 30 people…and we were not one of them. Sad times. But, we had a blast.


We played a couple of slot machines at Chinook Winds (they gave us $10 free for participating in the WOF audition), and then we headed back home. We made a pit stop at another casino between Lincoln City and home, Spirit Mountain. Steven played some Blackjack, I made friends with the bar tender.

Other than that it’s been business as usual around here.


Grilling out and enjoying the pool…when it’s sunny. AKA only 2 out of 14 days these past two weeks.


Exhibit B of Easter egg-like gym outfits. Lots of working out going on right now, getting ready for our trip to Mexico!


And splurged on some new kicks (although they’re probably the cheapest pair of Nike’s that they sell). The Nike Juvenates are my all time favorite shoe. They’re so light and they just slip on – no tying laces! I already have one pair and just felt like they needed a sibling.

A little playlist of my current favorite songs. A mix of stuff to work out to, to cruise to, and songs that will give you all the feels. Basically no matter what kind of mood you’re in, I’ve got it covered.


Current mood. So excited for lots of traveling coming up, I’m going to be on vacation vibe for the next two months. First up – a trip home to Michigan to visit family! Beyond excited to get out of town and party with the fam. Hope you guys have a great week and that no one kills your vibe – whatever vibe you may have, make sure it’s a happy one!





The Beach, Around Town, and More Random


Here we are! We’ve had a lot of fun these past few weeks doing a little exploring outside our little town, and also staying in-town and relaxing!


Today is my sweet grandaddy’s birthday, and I know how much he loves reading about our Oregon adventures on this blog – so this post is dedicated to him!


We took a trip up to Cannon beach and it was beautiful! It’s definitely not what we are used to when we think of beaches in the south…I wore a sweatshirt the whole time! But the little town was quaint and full of cute little restaurants and shops, cute grey shingled beach houses, and sweet families all over!


Right across the street from these houses is the beach – so adorable! We walked through the town and stopped for a beer at Pelican Brewing Company.


Then we headed up even further north to Astoria which is where parts of the movie “The Goonies” was filmed (confession: I’ve never seen that movie. Steven is appalled).


That bridge is the bridge to Washington, and it runs over the Columbia River which separates Washington and Oregon. We ate dinner right on the river and it was beautiful!


When the weather permits, we’ve been enjoying time at our apartment complex pool! They just redid the whole pool area and it’s super nice – lots of chairs, grills, and a big fireplace!


Our pool cooler full of poolside staples…


We also took a trip over to Lake Oswego which is a little east of Hillsboro. We met up with our Georgia real estate agent’s brother and his wife (he also happens to be a real estate agent in Oregon) and got to know them a little bit while enjoying dinner on the lake. We really loved the restaurant and the atmosphere of the place, so we plan on going back very soon!


On the staying in-town front, we’ve started a new weekend tradition of walking up to the Starbucks right by our place (it’s about a mile walk) to get coffee for us and pup-a-chino’s for Mila and Wilson!


They enjoy the exercise, and the treat!


Who knew a cup full of whipped cream could make these pups so happy!


I’ve been enjoying some nice runs around our place as well, getting ready for Hood to Coast at the end of August! And getting ready for our upcoming vacation in Mexico in September!


Some randomness now: this giant zucchini picked straight from my co-worker’s garden has been making a delicious addition to our dinners! I love garden fresh veggies.


Here’s the above-mentioned zucchini-growing co-worker! Steven and I headed over the bridge on 4th of July to celebrate with her and her husband at their block party. Yummy food and corn hole!


Work is going well. I’ve been especially enjoying all of the various sporting events on display. I worked from our cafe one morning and got to watch Wimbledon!


The EuroCup has been a big event around campus as well. They had a bunch of giant TVs set up around campus with tables, bleachers and snacks for people to come watch some of the soccer matches. I’m not big into soccer, but I am big into snacks, so I was excited!


Things I’ve been loving: random, but a co-worker has a bowl full of these flavored tootsie rolls at her desk and I can’t get enough of the vanilla flavored ones. It’s becoming a problem. Anyone else absolutely love these, or am I the only weirdo?


Things that annoy me: the giant pile of shoes that accumulates by our front door. They just don’t ever seem to make it to the closet. The giant pile continues to grow.


And finally, Happy Birthday to my sweet Granddaddy. One of my favorite people on the planet – thank you for always being proud of me. I love you, I miss you, and I hope your day is wonderful!