Sweet Treats,What I Watched, and YOLO!


It’s a shame he’s not photogenic or anything…silly boy! He jumped into bed and started cuddling with one of his new toys from the Bark Box my mom sent him and Mila this month. They love their grandmommy and her sweet surprises! When you don’t have kids, I guess your parents resort to spoiling your dogs…I’m not mad!


Let’s talk about some sweet treats I indulged in this week. First – Halo Top ice cream. You see that…240 calories PER PINT! And protein, yea there’s like 20 grams of protein in every pint too! If you ask me, I think we should institute an ice-cream-for-dinner night each week!


Okay, the picture doesn’t do it justice. We had an end of the year celebration brunch at work and I made these cinnamon roll bites. All I can say is make these…now. Here’s the recipe from Pinterest I followed.


Seriously, they’re so easy. And they are SO GOOD. Like, SO GOOD. Probably more than 240 calories, and not a whole lot of protein, but hey, balance…right?


Nicely sugared up, I took to the pool for a little lounging and relaxing. The pool just opened last weekend at our apartment and it came at the perfect time! The weather this week and this coming weekend is perfect pool weather. You can find me here, all summer. Thanks!


A little pool-side reading. Steven finished it a few weeks ago and has been pressuring me to start it. No better place than the pool!


Current favorite show to watch On-Demand…Shark Tank! Steven got me hooked. I could watch this show all day. Still trying to come up with my invention or idea to pitch to the sharks to make me a millionaire.


Also up on my TV this week – the U.S. Olympic Diving Trials! I’ve watched every night since Saturday. Swimming trials are next week and I. AM. READY. 43 days until the Olympics…not excited or anything…


And, finally (because I know you’re super invested in my TV habits this week) I get my fill of my favorite chick flicks when Steven goes out of town. A new movie every night. I have been in heaven.


So have these two babies. When dad is gone, they hog the whole bed (PS movie on in the background = 27 Dresses).


Random, but a dinner that I’m currently obsessed with is chicken sausage and peppers over brown rice. Always trying to eat more veggies, I’m finding out that I actually do like bell peppers! Well, the red and orange ones. The green ones I’m still working on.


Got a new view at work, up close and personal with the window now! I moved closer to the rest of my team so it’s been fun to be near them! However, staring out the window at the road, the trees…leads to…


Speaking of an incredible view…


Driving to Boring, OR for a wedding, I came around a corner and was greeted with the most stunning view of Mt. Hood. This picture doesn’t do it justice.


This beautiful friend and co-worker got married last weekend! It was such a beautiful and intimate wedding, she was smiling ear-to-ear the entire time. I had such a fun time and am so grateful for the sweet friendships I’ve already built here in Oregon!


These are my people! I work with such an amazing team, they truly make it a joy to go in to work every day. Team work makes the dream work!


When Steven goes out of town, my routine gets all out of whack. Most of the time, I fall off of my clean eating and normal workout routine while he’s gone. The last 5 days were no exception. Saturday and Sunday I laid in bed all day watching golf. Our group workout that I usually do with my team at work three days a week is on a two week rest break. I haven’t been able to go to work early to work out because I need to spend more time at home with the dogs. And my dinners have consisted of ice cream, cinnamon rolls, popcorn, and pasta. True life.

All that to say, the struggle has been real this week. I’m feeling incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement I feel from Steven when he’s home to continue my workout routine and that we enjoy eating healthy together. I know everyone is different, everyone has their own priorities and their own passions. I’m grateful for the time that I have to devote to the things that are important to me, and I’m especially conscious of that on weeks like this one.”Some weeks you go to the gym and eat salads. Some weeks you wear sweats and eat cupcakes. It’s called balance.” I’m ready to get back at it now that Steven is home, and feeling very grateful!


I know YOLO quotes are SO last year 🙂 but I saw this one and it really resonated with me. It’s true! Why not do everything you can to make your life a badass life – whatever that means to you! You can always get back on the horse, you can start now, you’re never too old or too young to dream a new dream. Better never quits. Always strive for better.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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