Everyday Living and a Vacation!

Hi there! Nothing much to report these days, I think that’s a good thing though! We’ve been going through day-to-day life and settling into a nice little routine. We are pretty low key people, we love staying home and just doing the little everyday stuff together.


These guys are just as sweet and adorable as ever.


At work last week a lot of the innovators presented personal projects they have been working on this year. It was basically an adult science fair. And, of course, there was food.


Nike waffles, how cool!? Work is going well, gearing up for the start of a next fiscal year which mean new goals and new projects. Also, I had my first training run with my Hood To Coast team on Friday! [Donations are very much appreciated, here!]


Gina isn’t on our team, but she works with us and is always carrying a selfie stick around! We ran into her right before our run and she snapped a picture with each member of our team. She’s precious, and wicked smart!


The weather has been crazy here. Two weekends ago, we got up into the 100’s. In an apartment with no AC, we were DYING! Insert – window AC unit. We gave in and got one for our bedroom and it made a world of difference. Last week it got down into the 60’s! Wilson is partial to the cooler temps!


I went out with all the ladies at work for one of our team mates’ bachelorette party! Alissa is getting married next week (cowboy hat with the veil, obviously) and she love to dance. We took her out line dancing at a little country western bar. It was so fun to hang out with everyone outside of work.


Steven and I both got new golf shoes! We played 9 holes over the weekend and I had a blast! It was the first time I have ever played a real {half} round of golf. Usually I stick to the driving range. But I had a lot of fun! We are thinking of taking lessons together – more for me than for Steven. He’s way better than me! But it’s something fun we are enjoying doing together, and hopefully I can get better!


So…we booked a vacation! Steven and I are headed to San Francisco in July! Southwest was running some great flight deals from Portland to California plus we had some airline points and were able to get one of our flights for free!


San Fran here we come! Neither of us have been to California and we could not be more excited! Any suggestions on places to see/eat/stay/drink are appreciated! It’s a quick trip – Friday night to Sunday night so we aren’t taking any time off work. But we want to cram as much into our 56 hours there as we can!

Other than that, we’ve just been doing the normal work, groceries, House of Cards, dog walks, dinners…we haven’t gone downtown in a few weeks because there has been a festival going on and we didn’t want to fight traffic. Again…homebodies!


Hope you guys have a great week!


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