Some things from the weekend, and I need your help!

Summer Friday’s are upon us!


Nike closes up shop at noon every Friday from Memorial Day through Labor Day and lets their employees go out and enjoy the sunshine (or a marg…to each his own)!


We went and saw Neighbors 2 after margs and the seats were legitimate recliners. Best movie theater, ever. The movie was pretty funny and Zac Efron was delicious, so there’s that.


Saturday started with a family run – Steven was clearly super excited.


Then we found our local mall and did a little exploring! We of course landed in the candy shop and Steven really wanted this giant Rice Krispy Treat! We settled for some chocolate candies instead.


Had a solo run on Sunday morning and felt pretty good about it.


Then we found a driving range close to our apartment and went to check it out! Steven and I are thinking about taking golf lessons together – now I just need to get my own clubs!


Then we took a trip across the river to the great state of Washington! Yes, we’ve been wanting to visit Washington and check out the city of Vancouver (particularly for its more affordable homes and not a bad drive to work), but also because…


I am suffering from allergies some kind of fierce! Something in Oregon is really doing a number on me, not quite sure what yet. But we came to learn that decongestant medicines are not available over-the-counter in Oregon, you have to have a prescription. But a quick 30-minute trip over the river and you can shop till you drop for some Zyrtec-D OTC! Sweet relief!


We stopped at a pub in Vancouver and had a yummy lunch before heading back to Oregon.


I had to rush home to make this yummy dessert for a cook-out at a co-worker’s house!


Steven had fun playing with their French Bulldog, Inky!


And I got to pick lettuce from their garden for our yummy salads! Farm to table fresh! We had a lot of fun hanging out with new friends!


I have a little race coming up in August – a 198-mile race to be exact! The Hood To Cost relay race is a 198-mile run from Oregon’s Hood Mountain all the way to the coast.course-map

There are 3 legs with 12 checkpoints each, and each of the 12 members of our team will run three times during the relay. The checkpoints range from 3 – 7 miles in distance. The race takes place over a two-day period, no sleeping is involved – there is a team member running at all times! All of my team members are Nike legal department members and I’m so excited I was able to join the team! The scenery promises to be spectacular and I think it will be such a great experience. Nike is a sponsor of the Hood to Coast race so naturally there will be a big after-party once we cross the finish line!

So, why am I telling you this? Our team has committed to raising $10,000 for the charity organization of the event, the Providence Cancer Center. It would really mean a lot to me and I would appreciate any small donation from any sweet person who follows me on this little blog! Also, your kind supporting words are always appreciated – staying awake for 30 hours is no small feat!

You can make a donation through the link below- please know how much I appreciate your support!


I’m practicing embracing every opportunity to be involved and create an exciting life that I can, not focusing so much on what is next and more on what’s happening right now. Hope you’re having a great week, and thank you again for all your support!


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