Sweet Treats,What I Watched, and YOLO!


It’s a shame he’s not photogenic or anything…silly boy! He jumped into bed and started cuddling with one of his new toys from the Bark Box my mom sent him and Mila this month. They love their grandmommy and her sweet surprises! When you don’t have kids, I guess your parents resort to spoiling your dogs…I’m not mad!


Let’s talk about some sweet treats I indulged in this week. First – Halo Top ice cream. You see that…240 calories PER PINT! And protein, yea there’s like 20 grams of protein in every pint too! If you ask me, I think we should institute an ice-cream-for-dinner night each week!


Okay, the picture doesn’t do it justice. We had an end of the year celebration brunch at work and I made these cinnamon roll bites. All I can say is make these…now. Here’s the recipe from Pinterest I followed.


Seriously, they’re so easy. And they are SO GOOD. Like, SO GOOD. Probably more than 240 calories, and not a whole lot of protein, but hey, balance…right?


Nicely sugared up, I took to the pool for a little lounging and relaxing. The pool just opened last weekend at our apartment and it came at the perfect time! The weather this week and this coming weekend is perfect pool weather. You can find me here, all summer. Thanks!


A little pool-side reading. Steven finished it a few weeks ago and has been pressuring me to start it. No better place than the pool!


Current favorite show to watch On-Demand…Shark Tank! Steven got me hooked. I could watch this show all day. Still trying to come up with my invention or idea to pitch to the sharks to make me a millionaire.


Also up on my TV this week – the U.S. Olympic Diving Trials! I’ve watched every night since Saturday. Swimming trials are next week and I. AM. READY. 43 days until the Olympics…not excited or anything…


And, finally (because I know you’re super invested in my TV habits this week) I get my fill of my favorite chick flicks when Steven goes out of town. A new movie every night. I have been in heaven.


So have these two babies. When dad is gone, they hog the whole bed (PS movie on in the background = 27 Dresses).


Random, but a dinner that I’m currently obsessed with is chicken sausage and peppers over brown rice. Always trying to eat more veggies, I’m finding out that I actually do like bell peppers! Well, the red and orange ones. The green ones I’m still working on.


Got a new view at work, up close and personal with the window now! I moved closer to the rest of my team so it’s been fun to be near them! However, staring out the window at the road, the trees…leads to…


Speaking of an incredible view…


Driving to Boring, OR for a wedding, I came around a corner and was greeted with the most stunning view of Mt. Hood. This picture doesn’t do it justice.


This beautiful friend and co-worker got married last weekend! It was such a beautiful and intimate wedding, she was smiling ear-to-ear the entire time. I had such a fun time and am so grateful for the sweet friendships I’ve already built here in Oregon!


These are my people! I work with such an amazing team, they truly make it a joy to go in to work every day. Team work makes the dream work!


When Steven goes out of town, my routine gets all out of whack. Most of the time, I fall off of my clean eating and normal workout routine while he’s gone. The last 5 days were no exception. Saturday and Sunday I laid in bed all day watching golf. Our group workout that I usually do with my team at work three days a week is on a two week rest break. I haven’t been able to go to work early to work out because I need to spend more time at home with the dogs. And my dinners have consisted of ice cream, cinnamon rolls, popcorn, and pasta. True life.

All that to say, the struggle has been real this week. I’m feeling incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement I feel from Steven when he’s home to continue my workout routine and that we enjoy eating healthy together. I know everyone is different, everyone has their own priorities and their own passions. I’m grateful for the time that I have to devote to the things that are important to me, and I’m especially conscious of that on weeks like this one.”Some weeks you go to the gym and eat salads. Some weeks you wear sweats and eat cupcakes. It’s called balance.” I’m ready to get back at it now that Steven is home, and feeling very grateful!


I know YOLO quotes are SO last year 🙂 but I saw this one and it really resonated with me. It’s true! Why not do everything you can to make your life a badass life – whatever that means to you! You can always get back on the horse, you can start now, you’re never too old or too young to dream a new dream. Better never quits. Always strive for better.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Everyday Living and a Vacation!

Hi there! Nothing much to report these days, I think that’s a good thing though! We’ve been going through day-to-day life and settling into a nice little routine. We are pretty low key people, we love staying home and just doing the little everyday stuff together.


These guys are just as sweet and adorable as ever.


At work last week a lot of the innovators presented personal projects they have been working on this year. It was basically an adult science fair. And, of course, there was food.


Nike waffles, how cool!? Work is going well, gearing up for the start of a next fiscal year which mean new goals and new projects. Also, I had my first training run with my Hood To Coast team on Friday! [Donations are very much appreciated, here!]


Gina isn’t on our team, but she works with us and is always carrying a selfie stick around! We ran into her right before our run and she snapped a picture with each member of our team. She’s precious, and wicked smart!


The weather has been crazy here. Two weekends ago, we got up into the 100’s. In an apartment with no AC, we were DYING! Insert – window AC unit. We gave in and got one for our bedroom and it made a world of difference. Last week it got down into the 60’s! Wilson is partial to the cooler temps!


I went out with all the ladies at work for one of our team mates’ bachelorette party! Alissa is getting married next week (cowboy hat with the veil, obviously) and she love to dance. We took her out line dancing at a little country western bar. It was so fun to hang out with everyone outside of work.


Steven and I both got new golf shoes! We played 9 holes over the weekend and I had a blast! It was the first time I have ever played a real {half} round of golf. Usually I stick to the driving range. But I had a lot of fun! We are thinking of taking lessons together – more for me than for Steven. He’s way better than me! But it’s something fun we are enjoying doing together, and hopefully I can get better!


So…we booked a vacation! Steven and I are headed to San Francisco in July! Southwest was running some great flight deals from Portland to California plus we had some airline points and were able to get one of our flights for free!


San Fran here we come! Neither of us have been to California and we could not be more excited! Any suggestions on places to see/eat/stay/drink are appreciated! It’s a quick trip – Friday night to Sunday night so we aren’t taking any time off work. But we want to cram as much into our 56 hours there as we can!

Other than that, we’ve just been doing the normal work, groceries, House of Cards, dog walks, dinners…we haven’t gone downtown in a few weeks because there has been a festival going on and we didn’t want to fight traffic. Again…homebodies!


Hope you guys have a great week!

Some things from the weekend, and I need your help!

Summer Friday’s are upon us!


Nike closes up shop at noon every Friday from Memorial Day through Labor Day and lets their employees go out and enjoy the sunshine (or a marg…to each his own)!


We went and saw Neighbors 2 after margs and the seats were legitimate recliners. Best movie theater, ever. The movie was pretty funny and Zac Efron was delicious, so there’s that.


Saturday started with a family run – Steven was clearly super excited.


Then we found our local mall and did a little exploring! We of course landed in the candy shop and Steven really wanted this giant Rice Krispy Treat! We settled for some chocolate candies instead.


Had a solo run on Sunday morning and felt pretty good about it.


Then we found a driving range close to our apartment and went to check it out! Steven and I are thinking about taking golf lessons together – now I just need to get my own clubs!


Then we took a trip across the river to the great state of Washington! Yes, we’ve been wanting to visit Washington and check out the city of Vancouver (particularly for its more affordable homes and not a bad drive to work), but also because…


I am suffering from allergies some kind of fierce! Something in Oregon is really doing a number on me, not quite sure what yet. But we came to learn that decongestant medicines are not available over-the-counter in Oregon, you have to have a prescription. But a quick 30-minute trip over the river and you can shop till you drop for some Zyrtec-D OTC! Sweet relief!


We stopped at a pub in Vancouver and had a yummy lunch before heading back to Oregon.


I had to rush home to make this yummy dessert for a cook-out at a co-worker’s house!


Steven had fun playing with their French Bulldog, Inky!


And I got to pick lettuce from their garden for our yummy salads! Farm to table fresh! We had a lot of fun hanging out with new friends!


I have a little race coming up in August – a 198-mile race to be exact! The Hood To Cost relay race is a 198-mile run from Oregon’s Hood Mountain all the way to the coast.course-map

There are 3 legs with 12 checkpoints each, and each of the 12 members of our team will run three times during the relay. The checkpoints range from 3 – 7 miles in distance. The race takes place over a two-day period, no sleeping is involved – there is a team member running at all times! All of my team members are Nike legal department members and I’m so excited I was able to join the team! The scenery promises to be spectacular and I think it will be such a great experience. Nike is a sponsor of the Hood to Coast race so naturally there will be a big after-party once we cross the finish line!

So, why am I telling you this? Our team has committed to raising $10,000 for the charity organization of the event, the Providence Cancer Center. It would really mean a lot to me and I would appreciate any small donation from any sweet person who follows me on this little blog! Also, your kind supporting words are always appreciated – staying awake for 30 hours is no small feat!

You can make a donation through the link below- please know how much I appreciate your support!



I’m practicing embracing every opportunity to be involved and create an exciting life that I can, not focusing so much on what is next and more on what’s happening right now. Hope you’re having a great week, and thank you again for all your support!