Dogs, Warby Parker, and Groceries…

Life with a Husky looks a lot like this, in case you’re wondering…

IMG_1833 2

You should have seen the rest of my black pants. They were COVERED in hair. I spent about 10 minutes brushing Wilson yesterday, and I think the birds will now be our best friends.


She’s just like her mom. Mila and I are huge fans of late-night popcorn snacking. I enjoy sharing the bowl with my best girl.


A couple weeks ago I came home from work and did my usual 30-second scan of the apartment for any trouble the dogs may have gotten into while I was gone. On a good day, it’s just a piece of paper shredded up. On a bad day, it’s a chewed-up pair of glasses. Yep, you heard me. My glasses.

I have had a strong 10-year relationship going with my old Vera Wang glasses. I wear contacts all day but right before bed I’ll pop them out and wear my glasses the rest of the night. I never really wear them out of the house, but I still felt the pain of not having them at night – for example – Steven put on a movie I had never seen one night before bed. Since I had already taken my contacts out, I couldn’t watch it with him. It was a sad night.

I got my annual eye exam in January this year so I knew I had a current prescription but I really didn’t want to take the time to go to a store and shop for new glasses. Enter: Warby Parker. Warby parker

I went online and selected 3 (you can select up to 5) pairs of glasses I wanted to try on and they shipped them to me for free!  After I tried them on, I put the return shipping label back on the box and shipped those babies back – for free! Then I went back to their website, selected the pair I liked best based on my at-home try on, uploaded a copy of my prescription, and BOOM…done!


These bad boys arrived in the mail 5 days later!


I’m a fan! And I’m so happy I can once again see at night! Also, for every pair of glasses bought, Warby Parker donates another pair of glasses to a child in need. Thanks Warby Parker for making it super easy and convenient to replace my dog-destroyed spectacles and for putting a little more good out into the world!


Some other randomness from this week so far…


Had my fastest run, ever. I’m used to holding a 9:45/mile average pace on most of my runs. I love seeing the results of all my strength and cardio training paying off in my running! I’m thinking a half marathon may be in my near future.


Sweet hubby enjoying Phil Knight’s (Nike founder) memoir he released last week. Each employee got a copy of the book and Steven decided to steal it and start reading before I had a chance! “Babe, this book is crazy!” He seems to be enjoying it so I’ll let it slide…


We got a Costco membership last week and when I was putting our groceries away, I realized I buy a lot of things that are staples in our house that are either extra-large size (see above jar of peanut butter) or in bulk.


We are always stocked with big bags of broccoli and peppers. We cook with these almost every night.


The same with chicken. We go through a 10-lb bag of frozen chicken breasts every two weeks.


I marinate or season said chicken and broccoli in gallon bags pretty much every night. It’s the easiest way to make sure everything gets evenly coated with oil or seasoning.


Two seasonings that we use weekly, so I buy the industrial size.


Same with the olive oil, industrial size lasts a couple months.


And eggs, we eat a LOT of eggs in our house. Every morning  we are both munching on scrambled eggs so we buy two dozen at at time.


In other news, unrelated to my kitchen…


This is super exciting! Atlanta is getting a new dome, under construction as we speak, that will open in 2017 and now they will get to host the Super Bowl! Way to go, ATL!


Yea, this is basically life right now. Hope you guys have a great rest of your week and enjoy the long Memorial weekend! We are going to get some hiking in, some eating, and some grilling with friends from work – woo hoo!


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