While Steven is Away, and Our Weekend

When Steven goes out of town, my week looks a little different. For instance..


Mila protects me in the bathroom at all times. She never leaves my side. Perfect guard dog.


I spend a majority of my weekly grocery store trip perusing the wine aisle.


A typical Monday night.


I spend quality time with the laundry. I make it a goal to have all the laundry done by the time he comes home so all I have to wash are the clothes he took on his trip.


We do a lot of this.


And this.


Did I mention, wine?


My work is really great and lets me work from home in the afternoon while Steven is gone so that the dogs don’t have to stay home all day by themselves. Mostly it’s because they would get into trouble if left unsupervised.


When Steven is gone and I have to play single parent, I’m not as good at managing my time in the morning. I usually end up over-stuffing my gym bag because I have no time to pick out exactly what outfits I want to wear to workout and after my workout. I stuff a ton of different tops and bottoms into my bag and hope that when I dig through it in the afternoon, I find at least one combination that works. I’ll have to work on time management before we have real children, although I’m already notorious for over-packing on trips. Oh well.


A typical outfit for me. I realized this week that my style has not changed one bit in the last 10 years. Flip flops, jeans, and a baggy shirt…all day, erry day. Maybe one day I’ll grow up and start dressing like I care about what I look like. For now, I’ll stick with my college-kid swagger.


Side note – literally the best invention. It fills up my water bottle so fast! It’s the little things.


Steven finally came home and all returned to normal in our world. We were walking to the Portland State University Farmer’s Market on Saturday and he saw the bike racks and decided they looked like that horse thing in men’s gymnastics? You know what I’m talking about? He literally said to me, “Take my picture and tell everyone I’m practicing for the Olympics!” I sure did miss this goofball!


Went to the Farmer’s Market with one goal in mind – peonies!


We found some other goodies and came home happy.


I let him pick lunch on Saturday and we ended up at Sweet Tomatoes. This boy loves salads.


We headed up to the bowling alley Saturday night as per usual. Then, we hit up our favorite Thirsty Lion.


9:30pm happy hour, we owned you. Sushi, spinach artichoke dip, and burger sliders rounded out the night. By far one of the best parts of Oregon is all of the restaurants with happy hour. It wouldn’t be a typical weekend for us if we didn’t indulge in at least one happy hour.


I also owned this strawberry rhubarb white chocolate cheesecake. The crust was made with chocolate and hazelnuts. This is no exaggeration – literally the best cheesecake ever. In the world. Anywhere. Ever.


Sunday we caught up on some recorded TV shows, watched some golf, then headed out to do adult things. Like sign up for a Costco membership…and get caught in the torrential downpour as we walked the .25 miles back to our car. Thanks, Oregon.

And, for some Monday motivation:


I hope nothing but good things come your way this week. Keep adding to your pile!



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