Sometimes, All I Do Is Eat ALL The Foods

WARNING – THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT FOOD BECAUSE THAT’S ALL WE DID THIS WEEKEND…EAT ALL THE FOODS. Okay, proceed at your own risk. Nothing but food pictures ahead.

Every weekend should start off with scrambled eggs. Most of the time I use non-stick spray in the pan. When I’m feeling extra dangerous…I use butter instead. Yum.


The weather was pretty temperamental this weekend so we weren’t really sure what to expect. We took advantage of the cooler/cloudy mid-day on Saturday and took the pups on a little run. Then I wanted some comfort food.


Enter: Southland Whiskey Kitchen in the Alphabet District. We shared a bowl of shrimp gumbo for an appetizer. It was deliciously spicy. I ordered the Texas Brisket Sandwich and OMG it was as satisfying as it looks.


We’ve been doing an early dinner type thing when we go out to explore downtown. It just ends up fitting better into our day to venture out around 4pm. Our grandma/grandpa habits have lead us to partake in happy hour at most of the restaurants we’ve visited. This “Southern Punch” really made me happy…bourbon, peach, lemon & lime sour, fresh orange juice and cranberry. Happy Hour = Happy Katherine.


I woke up Sunday wanting…more comfort food. My sweet husband obliged, and we found our way to Tom’s Pancake House in downtown Beaverton. We decided we should also try to explore our local joints, not just head out to the city every time.


Tom’s Pancake House, you are what dreams are made of. See ya next weekend for more chocolate chip pancakes. And the weekend after that…and…yea, we’ll be frequent breakfast-ers.

I told you the wealther was wonky this weekend, right? Well Sunday’s forecast was rain all day. So after breakfast we decided to cuddle up at home and binge watch some House of Cards. But eventually, we got hungry again.


We stayed in town again and headed to a little hole-in-the-wall bar just down the street from us. I wanted wings. Again, Steven obliged. But I got OH SO MUCH MORE from Malone’s Ale House.


Malone’s, you had me at $1 Taco Tuesdays. Also, put me down for my birthday party. Jell-O shots?! Who can say no to that?! It got cut off in this picture but they have NFL Sunday Ticket. I’ll be here for all the Falcon’s games, thanks so much!


As if all of that wasn’t enough, $6 wings, $5 nachos, $4 quesadillas, $3 for TWO tacos and $3 chips and salsa?! You guys, this place really speaks my language. Naturally we couldn’t pick just one. We gave in to our bar-food fantasies.


Wings (BBQ and plain), flatbread pizza, and chips and salsa. What comfort food dreams are made of. And because we love and miss our friends in GA oh so much, we cheers’d to them…


$4 (double) Fireball shots. And…end overly-indulgent weekend.

Sometimes you just need some southern comfort food and all your favorite bar fare. No need to feel bad about the calories consumed. Some times, you just need to indulge and that’s a-okay by me.

julia childe

And before I leave you, I want to show you my beautiful friends who spent the weekend in Nashville celebrating the bride-to-be at her bachelorette party. I’m so sad that I had to miss it, but I can’t wait to be back with these sweet faces in two short weeks for Matt and Rachel’s wedding!



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