I Have a Problem, and Other Nonsense

The first step is admitting you have a problem. So, here I am, admitting I have a problem.


Shopping. My Nike shopping habit has gotten a little out of control. That discount though!!! One of the best things about my job (besides the trail mix, awesome co-workers, and my 15-minute commute) is that I can wear workout clothes, jeans, hoodies, tennis shoes…every day. Sure, normal clothes are permitted. But when you’re me and you have an addiction to gym clothes, why bother?


I’ve been at Nike less than a month, and ALL OF THIS has happened. The two hoodies at the top, the red and the dark (purple) one…they’re the same hoodie. But hey, when you like it, you should buy it in multiple colors!


I have a problem! (see above, wearing said purple hoodie). But it’s all for work, so, tax write-off?!


These are one of my recent purchases. Hopefully they will motivate me to get my butt in gear for my 10k. I’ve really enjoyed varying my workouts this past month. Swimming, spin classes, ReNA (a post on this AMAZING program is in the works, but just think lots of burpees, pushups and squats), and the occasional running. Running isn’t dominating my life anymore since I’ve got so many other options now. But I want to make it a priority to work toward a running goal so I HAD to buy new shoes! I’ll keep telling myself that…


As another side note related to shopping (y’all, I can’t stop), Target has some adorable tank tops out right now. Snagged these guys earlier this week. I love the bold patterns!


While I’m really great at buying the clothes, I clearly need some practice wearing them. Took the dogs on a long walk this week and realized – when we were about 100 feet from returning home – that my shirt had been inside out the entire time. Way to go, Katherine.


Currently taking lots of time to stretch and ice my knees. I’m not sure which workout in particular is causing my knees to hurt, but I’m going to need it to feel better, stat.


Please be incredibly jealous of how my nights have looked this week. Mother’s Day/birthday/baby shower/chimney cleaning computer surfing, wine, and Chopped.


These two sure have enjoyed spending time with their mom on the trail behind our apartment this week – and the sunshine! The heat, they could do without. It’s been over 80 degrees here all week and in an apartment with no AC (apparently that’s common in OR)  it’s been a struggle!


And to wrap up this week’s randomness, stuffed bell peppers! So easy and so yummy! You can literally put anything you want in the stuffing. I used ground turkey, frozen southwest style veggies, rice and cilantro. I cooked all that together in a pan with some taco seasoning, cleaned out the inside of the peppers, and stuffed them full! Topped with a little (or a lot) of Mexican cheese and baked at 350 degrees for about 20 – 25 minutes.


Topped with a dollop of sour cream and cilantro…muy bueno! And they’re great left over the next day for lunch!


I was asked to fill out an “about me” page for a meeting this week during which all new employees will be introduced. One of the questions asked what our favorite quote is. I was stumped for a little bit because there are so many quotes that I really love and mean a lot to me. But I realized that each quote I love is meant for a specific time or purpose or struggle or motivation – different aspects of my life are built around different quotes. So I thought it would be most appropriate to share a quote that motivates me career wise and also in fitness since this would be shared at work (seemed more appropriate for a work meeting than “Sometimes you just have to put on lipgloss and pretend to be psyched,” – Mindy Kaling).

So, when I’m working out and feeling tired or if I’m eyeballs deep in a crazy project at work, I just remember that there might be someone who is faster than me or who has more experience than me, but that doesn’t mean that I should let those people work harder than me. I need to be the hardest working person no matter where I am. That’s the goal everyday!

And I’m just going to leave this right here…(basically my life right now)



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