Pretty Flowers and Yummy Foods!


Monday…here we go again! The weather was beautiful here over the weekend so we had fun walking around and exploring some new areas. But first, about Friday…


Caution: Aggressive Geese Nesting. These signs are all over campus. Have you ever been chased by a nesting goose? It’s terrifying. We found one such nesting goose.


She had a runaway egg, hopefully she saw it and pulled it back up to safety!


Campus is in full bloom! The gardens all throughout campus are just bursting with gorgeous flowers in such bright colors. It’s just amazing!


Friday night we went on a date to see Deadpool. I know we’re late on the bandwagon to check this one out, but I’m so glad we caught it! It was hilarious. Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong in my book!


Saturday morning the pups woke me up nice and early so I decided to get my run in before Steven got up. Last weekend we tried to go by this place after dinner but they had closed for the night. So after my run I drove downtown to get a box of Blue Star Donuts to surprise Steven with a sweet breakfast treat.


I went with an apple fritter, original glazed (OG as they called it), sugar and spice (cinnamon and sugar), and a blueberry cake. Holy delicious.


I didn’t think it would be my favorite, but the apple fritter was TO DIE FOR. It was stuffed in the center with chopped up apples and cinnamon. I popped it into the microwave for a few seconds and it was even more heavenly warmed up. Definitely going to be back to Blue Star!


I’m racking up these meter tickets from all of our exploring downtown. I’m also becoming a parallel parking expert.


After our donut indulgence we figured it’d be a good idea to get out and walk around. We headed back downtown to the Portland Farmers Market. I’m upset that this was the only picture I thought to take because the market was so amazing! Tons of local merchants selling all kinds of fresh fruits, veggies, cheese, sauces, sweet treats and pastries. Plus, flower vendors. I’ve never seen such gorgeous bouquets of flowers in my life. There were so many tents filled with huge, colorful bouquets lining the market. I’ll definitely be back to snag a few of those! There were also tons of restaurants with pop-up tents selling street food and it all smelled delicious. We had a great time walking around and looking at all the tents!


Sunday we decided to brunch over in the Hollywood district. We landed at Fleur De Lis cafe. It was filled with delicious looking breads and pastries and smelled so decadent when we walked in.


It was warm enough for us to sit outside. I enjoyed this cute little latte – so yummy!


Steven and I both got the “Two Egg Plate” and I added bacon to mine which ended up being the best decision ever. The bacon was out of this world – so good!


Then I hit up the Trader Joe’s for some groceries. I love flowers, I think they really brighten up a room and they just make me smile. TJ’s has a great selection of fresh flowers and I really enjoy picking out a new bunch every week. Last week was tulips. This week it’s Gerbera Daisies and wax flowers. Trying to welcome spring for good!

work hard

This is my quote for the week – such a simple reminder! Hope your weekend was refreshing and you woke up ready to tackle the new week!


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