An Uneventful Week

I hope y’all have had a more exciting week than we have here in good ‘ol OR. We’ve enjoyed a fairly calm and relaxing week so this post will be pretty short.


Sported my Locally Grown Georgia t-shirt this week. My mom bought me this as a going-away present and I’m pretty sure I’ve worn it every week since we’ve moved. I heart it!


In Oregon, there are no bugs. None. Which means we can leave our porch door wide open all the time. The dogs love it and it keeps our apartment nice and cool. Don’t mind the porch that doubles as our tool shed. And the winter doormat. When you downsize by 50%, you really have to use every square inch of your new place.


Had a super-fun and much-needed FaceTime session with my BFF back in Georgia. We did wine-Wednesday via FaceTime. Not quite the same as living a mile apart but it felt like we were sitting in the same room so I loved it. It’ll become a weekly thing.


Ok, the treadmills at the Nike gym are…awful. And by awful, I mean that I check the incline setting every 45 seconds because I swear to you that they are all constantly on an incline. There’s something about them that makes running so hard! I have no idea. So when I tell you that running 3 miles was literally a miracle, no truer words have ever been spoken. Let’s all say a quick prayer that it gets easier quickly because…


I’m not doing the half – don’t get crazy. But the 10k, I’ll give that a shot (really wish I could get in on that 100-yard-dash kid’s run). Signing myself up for this bad boy. I have from now till June 11th to prepare and trust I will need every bit of that 2 months. I ran a MARATHON 3 months ago? What? Yeah, no idea where that person went!


Not sure what we are up to this weekend yet, but I’ll keep you posted! Hope y’all have a great weekend!


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