Weekends are for Hiking and Eating

I’m going to struggle to come up with post titles recapping my weekend. This one took me a solid 5 minutes to come up with and it’s not even that creative. Feel free to send some blog post title suggestions my way. Thanks in advance!

First, a random from Friday.


Friday morning my spin class was cancelled because they were redoing the floors. I resorted to a bike upstairs, found a 35-minute video workout and got to peddling. I was not mad at my view.

Saturday we were lazy in the morning and got a late start on our hike. I picked out the Pittock Mansion hike (another co-worker recommendation) that started at a southern trailhead and was a 5-mile round-trip hike up to…you guessed it, Pittock Mansion (click if you’re interested in learning about the mansion itself)!


The hike started at this bridge and weaved its way up some pretty big mountains. The entire hike was lush and green and just breathtaking.



We saw this little bird guy hanging out in the (presumably freezing) water!


When we finally made it to the top we were greeted with this beautiful view of downtown Portland!


And then the mansion, of course.


We were happy to have made it to the top, but quickly realized we still had 2.5 miles down to the bottom…womp womp. The puppies were worn out too!


Sunday I did our weekly grocery shopping. Last week’s Trader Joe’s find was the banana chips (which, yes, I bought again). This week, I found this bag of deliciousness…


So. Good. However, can someone please explain to me why there are almonds in EVERYTHING???? I. Hate. Almonds. I need someone to make a granola or trail mix that doesn’t have almonds. Please, ASAP.


We really loved the Pearl District last weekend so we decided to head that way again. We found our way to Henry’s 12th Street Tavern on Sunday night for dinner. Their all-day happy hour was a pleasant surprise, and we got to catch the end of the Golden State Warriors game (they’re going for some kind of NBA record – don’t ask me, I don’t follow basketball but Steph Curry is adorable so I’m not mad that Steven wants to watch).


We shared this amazing plate of sushi as an appetizer. For dinner I had a cheeseburger and Steven got a southwest salad and we each at half and half. It was a cheat day, and so worth it! Very yummy restaurant and we will definitely be back for, if nothing else, $5 well-drinks on Sundays.


Then, we stumbled on Ruby Jewel Scoops as we walked back to our car. Y’all, this place is amazing. They have flights of ice-cream. You can pick 7 flavors and get a little cup of each on this adorable ice-cream-cone shaped block. You can also build-you-own ice cream sandwich.You have your choice of three different cookie flavors and any flavor of ice-cream packed between them. If it wasn’t for the insanely long line and incredibly indecisive people in front of us who were testing Steven’s patience (he doesn’t like ice-cream so there was nothing in it for him) you better believe I would have been all over that flight. But, happy husband, happy…life? I knew we needed to get out of there with a quickness so I settled for a waffle cone of the Oregon Mint Flake. It was delicious. But, trust, I WILL be back for the flight. Genius I tell you!

We wrapped up our weekend with some popcorn on the couch and, you guessed it…House of Cards. Season three y’all, I’m telling you it’s addicting!

Hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be…exciting, relaxing, fun, restful, family-packed, I just hope you enjoyed it!



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