Our Routine and Some Randomness

We made it to Friday! I think we are really finding our rhythm here, three weeks in. This is how we’ve worked this week (and will likely continue this routine):

I wake up around 4:45am –> let’s be real, I snooze until 5am. I’ll get my lunch ready, all my gym clothes in my gym bag (some days I work out twice so it takes a lot of planning to pick out everything I need for the day – I can’t wait until the day I forget my shoes…), put the dog’s toys away and tidy up the apartment a little bit. Then I get the dogs out of bed and take them outside. Side note – this morning I picked these flowers off a tree in the dog park – I’m obsessed.


I make a couple pieces of turkey bacon, wake Steven up, and we head out of the apartment around 5:45am and he drops me off at the gym on campus. I really enjoy working out in the morning so I like to get to campus early. A couple days a week I’ll take morning spin class. On Wednesday morning there’s a masters swim practice, and on the other days I’ll just hit up the treadmill and weights. I shower at work (their locker rooms are immaculate) then head up to work around 7:45am. Catching the sunrise walking into the gym is my favorite.


Steven works at home so he gets to lay around the house and play with the dogs all day…I mean work really hard! He usually comes over to campus later in the afternoon and does his thing at the gym and then comes by my building to pick me up. We only brought one car out here so we carpool everywhere. Then we head home, take the dogs to the dog park and cook dinner!

Now that you got to partake in a day-in-the-life of the Swiders…here is some other randomness!


This is something I’m using as my mantra for my fitness/working out. It’s so easy to get down on myself after letting my running fall to the wayside and feeling like I’m really starting from square one. It can also be discouraging to work at a place where, real, legitimate athletes work out and run/lift weights/swim laps in circles around me. But I’m trying not to let it get me down. I’m just going to get better.


This question came up on a Buzzfeed quiz,and I just couldn’t help but pause and take stock of my life. I suffer from “resting bitch face” and it’s definitely how I avoid talking to people. I’m trying to overcome it now, seeing as how I could really use some friends in Oregon. The first step is admitting I have a problem, right?


These cookies I impulsively bought at Target (went in for a scale…came out with cookies…no comment). They. Are. Amazing.


There’s a Trader Joe’s less than a mile from us. Can you tell how much I hated these? OMG delicious.


He begs. Also, see that little white and green toy on the floor?


Mila and Wilson’s sweet Grandmommy sent them a 3-month subscription to Bark Box! Technically, Grandmommy’s dogs Buzz and Lucy sent it, but I think Grandmommy pushed the buttons. The box came with three toys, a bone, and two bags of treats! They were so excited!

Things I’m loving – we’re planning on doing the 5-mile hike at Pittock Mansion this weekend and I can’t wait for the views of downtown and Mt. Hood I’ve heard about. Also, it’s getting very warm out!



Thing’s I’m missing – when I get a cute new outfit over the weekend and don’t get to show my friends in person so I have to settle for sending pictures of my new linen pants and striped linen shirt. Also, I’ve showered at the gym every day this week – I miss my own shower.


I hope y’all are doing something fun this weekend! And remember…




2 thoughts on “Our Routine and Some Randomness

  1. I hate you. 🙂 you know I’m lying. Can’t wait for you to get to Mt. Hood. Go to Multonamah Falls when you can. Missing you big time but keep the blog going so I can live vicariously through you until my time comes. 🙂


  2. Love hearing about your week and weekend, and seeing the photos. Seems like a lot of exercise in gym and out. Wish I had such energy. BTW, what is a legitimate athlete? Do they work at Nike or just work out?


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