Weekend Rewind

Good morning! Just wanted to share some happenings from our weekend…run-on sentence per picture style.

Saturday started with a run that felt terrible.


Maybe because I ran up this massive hill, but at least the view was pretty!


Then we headed out to Forest Park (recommended by a co-worker) and took Mila and Wilson on a little two mile “hike.”


I use hike loosely, but they had fun and were worn out and we enjoyed the scenery.


Oregon is so much greener than Georgia and has these pretty little flowers growing everywhere!


Saturday night Steven entered a bowling tournament and we made friends with the alley manager and met lots of other great people.


Sunday morning I went on a run with my bff Mila and this run felt 1000-times better than my other runs last week so I am very happy to be feeling good about running again.


Steven and I ran a bunch of errands and then headed to downtown Portland to get our eat and drink on!


Deschutes Brewery is where we ended up and it was a fun little (big) restaurant with lots of local beer and food, and we especially enjoyed sampling!


It was such a nice day out, we got to sit in the sun when they opened up the garage door on the back wall of the restaurant!


I ordered the smoked mac-and-cheese on our waiter’s recommendation and I was not disappointed!


And then we did some walking around downtown to work off all the beer and food we ate!


The Pearl district (the divide their downtown up into districts kind of like Atlanta has Midtown, Old Fourth Ward, that kind of thing) has so many neat buildings and murals and there were tons of people out walking around – and this mural of the old person swimming made me laugh!


Then it was back home to the puppies where we capped off the weekend with some Fit-To-Fat-To-Fit. If you’ve never watched this show – do it! We are hooked…and it motivates us to start our diets tomorrow. 


Hope y’all had a great weekend!


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