Getting Back at It and Things I’m Missing and Loving

Happy weekend everyone! Because I know you’re all sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to know how my first week of work went…here’s the highlight.


Two things. First, yes, free trail mix. The cafe on our floor has a variety of nuts and trail mixes that they re-stock every Monday and Wednesday. They also have other snacks like apples, bread, peanut butter and avocados. Second, the desks are white boards. I can literally doodle all over my desk all day. Oh, and they go up and down so I can sit and stand throughout the day. It’s legit.

Some other highlights for the rest of the week:


I did a thing. First run in about 3 weeks.


The trail was beautiful, but my run felt so hard. It’s hard to believe less than three months ago I ran a marathon. Oh well, got to start somewhere!


And these trees that line the campus.


Chai tea, where have you been all my life?!


Wilson and Mila have made some friends at the dog park. Anyone who knows Wilson knows this is a major victory.


I went to my first masters swim team practice. Some background – Nike has its own masters swim team that you can join if you’re a Nike Sports Center member. Masters teams are for people 18+ and it’s organized like a high school or college practice. They practice three times a week which should be plenty for me? I forgot to look at the total yardage after the practice so I wrote it on my desk when I got back to add it up. 2650 yards (I had to sit out a couple laps) which I’m proud of. I’m definitely out of shape but it was so fun to feel like I was back at a high school swim practice. I can’t wait to see how I improve!


Have you ever gotten to work –  anywhere, really – and realized you hated your outfit? That was me today. I hated it.


Our weekend plans include…exploring! My goal is to do one outdoorsy thing (with the dogs) and one food/drink thing (sans dogs) every weekend  for as long as the weather permits.


Things I’m missing: my sweet friend Rachel’s bridal shower this weekend. We’ll be back in Atlanta in May for Rachel & Matt’s wedding (Steven’s a groomsman, I’m a bridesmaid) but I’m missing her shower this weekend. I know the other bridesmaids are going to be incredible hostesses, but I’m definitely sad to be missing it.

Things I’m loving: the weather this week has been out of this world. I’m so grateful we’re getting to enjoy so much sunshine!

Tonight, we wine and “House of Cards.” Hope y’all have a great weekend!



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