Sometimes, All I Do Is Eat ALL The Foods

WARNING – THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT FOOD BECAUSE THAT’S ALL WE DID THIS WEEKEND…EAT ALL THE FOODS. Okay, proceed at your own risk. Nothing but food pictures ahead.

Every weekend should start off with scrambled eggs. Most of the time I use non-stick spray in the pan. When I’m feeling extra dangerous…I use butter instead. Yum.


The weather was pretty temperamental this weekend so we weren’t really sure what to expect. We took advantage of the cooler/cloudy mid-day on Saturday and took the pups on a little run. Then I wanted some comfort food.


Enter: Southland Whiskey Kitchen in the Alphabet District. We shared a bowl of shrimp gumbo for an appetizer. It was deliciously spicy. I ordered the Texas Brisket Sandwich and OMG it was as satisfying as it looks.


We’ve been doing an early dinner type thing when we go out to explore downtown. It just ends up fitting better into our day to venture out around 4pm. Our grandma/grandpa habits have lead us to partake in happy hour at most of the restaurants we’ve visited. This “Southern Punch” really made me happy…bourbon, peach, lemon & lime sour, fresh orange juice and cranberry. Happy Hour = Happy Katherine.


I woke up Sunday wanting…more comfort food. My sweet husband obliged, and we found our way to Tom’s Pancake House in downtown Beaverton. We decided we should also try to explore our local joints, not just head out to the city every time.


Tom’s Pancake House, you are what dreams are made of. See ya next weekend for more chocolate chip pancakes. And the weekend after that…and…yea, we’ll be frequent breakfast-ers.

I told you the wealther was wonky this weekend, right? Well Sunday’s forecast was rain all day. So after breakfast we decided to cuddle up at home and binge watch some House of Cards. But eventually, we got hungry again.


We stayed in town again and headed to a little hole-in-the-wall bar just down the street from us. I wanted wings. Again, Steven obliged. But I got OH SO MUCH MORE from Malone’s Ale House.


Malone’s, you had me at $1 Taco Tuesdays. Also, put me down for my birthday party. Jell-O shots?! Who can say no to that?! It got cut off in this picture but they have NFL Sunday Ticket. I’ll be here for all the Falcon’s games, thanks so much!


As if all of that wasn’t enough, $6 wings, $5 nachos, $4 quesadillas, $3 for TWO tacos and $3 chips and salsa?! You guys, this place really speaks my language. Naturally we couldn’t pick just one. We gave in to our bar-food fantasies.


Wings (BBQ and plain), flatbread pizza, and chips and salsa. What comfort food dreams are made of. And because we love and miss our friends in GA oh so much, we cheers’d to them…


$4 (double) Fireball shots. And…end overly-indulgent weekend.

Sometimes you just need some southern comfort food and all your favorite bar fare. No need to feel bad about the calories consumed. Some times, you just need to indulge and that’s a-okay by me.

julia childe

And before I leave you, I want to show you my beautiful friends who spent the weekend in Nashville celebrating the bride-to-be at her bachelorette party. I’m so sad that I had to miss it, but I can’t wait to be back with these sweet faces in two short weeks for Matt and Rachel’s wedding!



I Have a Problem, and Other Nonsense

The first step is admitting you have a problem. So, here I am, admitting I have a problem.


Shopping. My Nike shopping habit has gotten a little out of control. That discount though!!! One of the best things about my job (besides the trail mix, awesome co-workers, and my 15-minute commute) is that I can wear workout clothes, jeans, hoodies, tennis shoes…every day. Sure, normal clothes are permitted. But when you’re me and you have an addiction to gym clothes, why bother?


I’ve been at Nike less than a month, and ALL OF THIS has happened. The two hoodies at the top, the red and the dark (purple) one…they’re the same hoodie. But hey, when you like it, you should buy it in multiple colors!


I have a problem! (see above, wearing said purple hoodie). But it’s all for work, so, tax write-off?!


These are one of my recent purchases. Hopefully they will motivate me to get my butt in gear for my 10k. I’ve really enjoyed varying my workouts this past month. Swimming, spin classes, ReNA (a post on this AMAZING program is in the works, but just think lots of burpees, pushups and squats), and the occasional running. Running isn’t dominating my life anymore since I’ve got so many other options now. But I want to make it a priority to work toward a running goal so I HAD to buy new shoes! I’ll keep telling myself that…


As another side note related to shopping (y’all, I can’t stop), Target has some adorable tank tops out right now. Snagged these guys earlier this week. I love the bold patterns!


While I’m really great at buying the clothes, I clearly need some practice wearing them. Took the dogs on a long walk this week and realized – when we were about 100 feet from returning home – that my shirt had been inside out the entire time. Way to go, Katherine.


Currently taking lots of time to stretch and ice my knees. I’m not sure which workout in particular is causing my knees to hurt, but I’m going to need it to feel better, stat.


Please be incredibly jealous of how my nights have looked this week. Mother’s Day/birthday/baby shower/chimney cleaning computer surfing, wine, and Chopped.


These two sure have enjoyed spending time with their mom on the trail behind our apartment this week – and the sunshine! The heat, they could do without. It’s been over 80 degrees here all week and in an apartment with no AC (apparently that’s common in OR)  it’s been a struggle!


And to wrap up this week’s randomness, stuffed bell peppers! So easy and so yummy! You can literally put anything you want in the stuffing. I used ground turkey, frozen southwest style veggies, rice and cilantro. I cooked all that together in a pan with some taco seasoning, cleaned out the inside of the peppers, and stuffed them full! Topped with a little (or a lot) of Mexican cheese and baked at 350 degrees for about 20 – 25 minutes.


Topped with a dollop of sour cream and cilantro…muy bueno! And they’re great left over the next day for lunch!


I was asked to fill out an “about me” page for a meeting this week during which all new employees will be introduced. One of the questions asked what our favorite quote is. I was stumped for a little bit because there are so many quotes that I really love and mean a lot to me. But I realized that each quote I love is meant for a specific time or purpose or struggle or motivation – different aspects of my life are built around different quotes. So I thought it would be most appropriate to share a quote that motivates me career wise and also in fitness since this would be shared at work (seemed more appropriate for a work meeting than “Sometimes you just have to put on lipgloss and pretend to be psyched,” – Mindy Kaling).

So, when I’m working out and feeling tired or if I’m eyeballs deep in a crazy project at work, I just remember that there might be someone who is faster than me or who has more experience than me, but that doesn’t mean that I should let those people work harder than me. I need to be the hardest working person no matter where I am. That’s the goal everyday!

And I’m just going to leave this right here…(basically my life right now)


Pretty Flowers and Yummy Foods!


Monday…here we go again! The weather was beautiful here over the weekend so we had fun walking around and exploring some new areas. But first, about Friday…


Caution: Aggressive Geese Nesting. These signs are all over campus. Have you ever been chased by a nesting goose? It’s terrifying. We found one such nesting goose.


She had a runaway egg, hopefully she saw it and pulled it back up to safety!


Campus is in full bloom! The gardens all throughout campus are just bursting with gorgeous flowers in such bright colors. It’s just amazing!


Friday night we went on a date to see Deadpool. I know we’re late on the bandwagon to check this one out, but I’m so glad we caught it! It was hilarious. Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong in my book!


Saturday morning the pups woke me up nice and early so I decided to get my run in before Steven got up. Last weekend we tried to go by this place after dinner but they had closed for the night. So after my run I drove downtown to get a box of Blue Star Donuts to surprise Steven with a sweet breakfast treat.


I went with an apple fritter, original glazed (OG as they called it), sugar and spice (cinnamon and sugar), and a blueberry cake. Holy delicious.


I didn’t think it would be my favorite, but the apple fritter was TO DIE FOR. It was stuffed in the center with chopped up apples and cinnamon. I popped it into the microwave for a few seconds and it was even more heavenly warmed up. Definitely going to be back to Blue Star!


I’m racking up these meter tickets from all of our exploring downtown. I’m also becoming a parallel parking expert.


After our donut indulgence we figured it’d be a good idea to get out and walk around. We headed back downtown to the Portland Farmers Market. I’m upset that this was the only picture I thought to take because the market was so amazing! Tons of local merchants selling all kinds of fresh fruits, veggies, cheese, sauces, sweet treats and pastries. Plus, flower vendors. I’ve never seen such gorgeous bouquets of flowers in my life. There were so many tents filled with huge, colorful bouquets lining the market. I’ll definitely be back to snag a few of those! There were also tons of restaurants with pop-up tents selling street food and it all smelled delicious. We had a great time walking around and looking at all the tents!


Sunday we decided to brunch over in the Hollywood district. We landed at Fleur De Lis cafe. It was filled with delicious looking breads and pastries and smelled so decadent when we walked in.


It was warm enough for us to sit outside. I enjoyed this cute little latte – so yummy!


Steven and I both got the “Two Egg Plate” and I added bacon to mine which ended up being the best decision ever. The bacon was out of this world – so good!


Then I hit up the Trader Joe’s for some groceries. I love flowers, I think they really brighten up a room and they just make me smile. TJ’s has a great selection of fresh flowers and I really enjoy picking out a new bunch every week. Last week was tulips. This week it’s Gerbera Daisies and wax flowers. Trying to welcome spring for good!

work hard

This is my quote for the week – such a simple reminder! Hope your weekend was refreshing and you woke up ready to tackle the new week!

An Uneventful Week

I hope y’all have had a more exciting week than we have here in good ‘ol OR. We’ve enjoyed a fairly calm and relaxing week so this post will be pretty short.


Sported my Locally Grown Georgia t-shirt this week. My mom bought me this as a going-away present and I’m pretty sure I’ve worn it every week since we’ve moved. I heart it!


In Oregon, there are no bugs. None. Which means we can leave our porch door wide open all the time. The dogs love it and it keeps our apartment nice and cool. Don’t mind the porch that doubles as our tool shed. And the winter doormat. When you downsize by 50%, you really have to use every square inch of your new place.


Had a super-fun and much-needed FaceTime session with my BFF back in Georgia. We did wine-Wednesday via FaceTime. Not quite the same as living a mile apart but it felt like we were sitting in the same room so I loved it. It’ll become a weekly thing.


Ok, the treadmills at the Nike gym are…awful. And by awful, I mean that I check the incline setting every 45 seconds because I swear to you that they are all constantly on an incline. There’s something about them that makes running so hard! I have no idea. So when I tell you that running 3 miles was literally a miracle, no truer words have ever been spoken. Let’s all say a quick prayer that it gets easier quickly because…


I’m not doing the half – don’t get crazy. But the 10k, I’ll give that a shot (really wish I could get in on that 100-yard-dash kid’s run). Signing myself up for this bad boy. I have from now till June 11th to prepare and trust I will need every bit of that 2 months. I ran a MARATHON 3 months ago? What? Yeah, no idea where that person went!


Not sure what we are up to this weekend yet, but I’ll keep you posted! Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Weekends are for Hiking and Eating

I’m going to struggle to come up with post titles recapping my weekend. This one took me a solid 5 minutes to come up with and it’s not even that creative. Feel free to send some blog post title suggestions my way. Thanks in advance!

First, a random from Friday.


Friday morning my spin class was cancelled because they were redoing the floors. I resorted to a bike upstairs, found a 35-minute video workout and got to peddling. I was not mad at my view.

Saturday we were lazy in the morning and got a late start on our hike. I picked out the Pittock Mansion hike (another co-worker recommendation) that started at a southern trailhead and was a 5-mile round-trip hike up to…you guessed it, Pittock Mansion (click if you’re interested in learning about the mansion itself)!


The hike started at this bridge and weaved its way up some pretty big mountains. The entire hike was lush and green and just breathtaking.



We saw this little bird guy hanging out in the (presumably freezing) water!


When we finally made it to the top we were greeted with this beautiful view of downtown Portland!


And then the mansion, of course.


We were happy to have made it to the top, but quickly realized we still had 2.5 miles down to the bottom…womp womp. The puppies were worn out too!


Sunday I did our weekly grocery shopping. Last week’s Trader Joe’s find was the banana chips (which, yes, I bought again). This week, I found this bag of deliciousness…


So. Good. However, can someone please explain to me why there are almonds in EVERYTHING???? I. Hate. Almonds. I need someone to make a granola or trail mix that doesn’t have almonds. Please, ASAP.


We really loved the Pearl District last weekend so we decided to head that way again. We found our way to Henry’s 12th Street Tavern on Sunday night for dinner. Their all-day happy hour was a pleasant surprise, and we got to catch the end of the Golden State Warriors game (they’re going for some kind of NBA record – don’t ask me, I don’t follow basketball but Steph Curry is adorable so I’m not mad that Steven wants to watch).


We shared this amazing plate of sushi as an appetizer. For dinner I had a cheeseburger and Steven got a southwest salad and we each at half and half. It was a cheat day, and so worth it! Very yummy restaurant and we will definitely be back for, if nothing else, $5 well-drinks on Sundays.


Then, we stumbled on Ruby Jewel Scoops as we walked back to our car. Y’all, this place is amazing. They have flights of ice-cream. You can pick 7 flavors and get a little cup of each on this adorable ice-cream-cone shaped block. You can also build-you-own ice cream sandwich.You have your choice of three different cookie flavors and any flavor of ice-cream packed between them. If it wasn’t for the insanely long line and incredibly indecisive people in front of us who were testing Steven’s patience (he doesn’t like ice-cream so there was nothing in it for him) you better believe I would have been all over that flight. But, happy husband, happy…life? I knew we needed to get out of there with a quickness so I settled for a waffle cone of the Oregon Mint Flake. It was delicious. But, trust, I WILL be back for the flight. Genius I tell you!

We wrapped up our weekend with some popcorn on the couch and, you guessed it…House of Cards. Season three y’all, I’m telling you it’s addicting!

Hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be…exciting, relaxing, fun, restful, family-packed, I just hope you enjoyed it!


Our Routine and Some Randomness

We made it to Friday! I think we are really finding our rhythm here, three weeks in. This is how we’ve worked this week (and will likely continue this routine):

I wake up around 4:45am –> let’s be real, I snooze until 5am. I’ll get my lunch ready, all my gym clothes in my gym bag (some days I work out twice so it takes a lot of planning to pick out everything I need for the day – I can’t wait until the day I forget my shoes…), put the dog’s toys away and tidy up the apartment a little bit. Then I get the dogs out of bed and take them outside. Side note – this morning I picked these flowers off a tree in the dog park – I’m obsessed.


I make a couple pieces of turkey bacon, wake Steven up, and we head out of the apartment around 5:45am and he drops me off at the gym on campus. I really enjoy working out in the morning so I like to get to campus early. A couple days a week I’ll take morning spin class. On Wednesday morning there’s a masters swim practice, and on the other days I’ll just hit up the treadmill and weights. I shower at work (their locker rooms are immaculate) then head up to work around 7:45am. Catching the sunrise walking into the gym is my favorite.


Steven works at home so he gets to lay around the house and play with the dogs all day…I mean work really hard! He usually comes over to campus later in the afternoon and does his thing at the gym and then comes by my building to pick me up. We only brought one car out here so we carpool everywhere. Then we head home, take the dogs to the dog park and cook dinner!

Now that you got to partake in a day-in-the-life of the Swiders…here is some other randomness!


This is something I’m using as my mantra for my fitness/working out. It’s so easy to get down on myself after letting my running fall to the wayside and feeling like I’m really starting from square one. It can also be discouraging to work at a place where, real, legitimate athletes work out and run/lift weights/swim laps in circles around me. But I’m trying not to let it get me down. I’m just going to get better.


This question came up on a Buzzfeed quiz,and I just couldn’t help but pause and take stock of my life. I suffer from “resting bitch face” and it’s definitely how I avoid talking to people. I’m trying to overcome it now, seeing as how I could really use some friends in Oregon. The first step is admitting I have a problem, right?


These cookies I impulsively bought at Target (went in for a scale…came out with cookies…no comment). They. Are. Amazing.


There’s a Trader Joe’s less than a mile from us. Can you tell how much I hated these? OMG delicious.


He begs. Also, see that little white and green toy on the floor?


Mila and Wilson’s sweet Grandmommy sent them a 3-month subscription to Bark Box! Technically, Grandmommy’s dogs Buzz and Lucy sent it, but I think Grandmommy pushed the buttons. The box came with three toys, a bone, and two bags of treats! They were so excited!

Things I’m loving – we’re planning on doing the 5-mile hike at Pittock Mansion this weekend and I can’t wait for the views of downtown and Mt. Hood I’ve heard about. Also, it’s getting very warm out!



Thing’s I’m missing – when I get a cute new outfit over the weekend and don’t get to show my friends in person so I have to settle for sending pictures of my new linen pants and striped linen shirt. Also, I’ve showered at the gym every day this week – I miss my own shower.


I hope y’all are doing something fun this weekend! And remember…



Weekend Rewind

Good morning! Just wanted to share some happenings from our weekend…run-on sentence per picture style.

Saturday started with a run that felt terrible.


Maybe because I ran up this massive hill, but at least the view was pretty!


Then we headed out to Forest Park (recommended by a co-worker) and took Mila and Wilson on a little two mile “hike.”


I use hike loosely, but they had fun and were worn out and we enjoyed the scenery.


Oregon is so much greener than Georgia and has these pretty little flowers growing everywhere!


Saturday night Steven entered a bowling tournament and we made friends with the alley manager and met lots of other great people.


Sunday morning I went on a run with my bff Mila and this run felt 1000-times better than my other runs last week so I am very happy to be feeling good about running again.


Steven and I ran a bunch of errands and then headed to downtown Portland to get our eat and drink on!


Deschutes Brewery is where we ended up and it was a fun little (big) restaurant with lots of local beer and food, and we especially enjoyed sampling!


It was such a nice day out, we got to sit in the sun when they opened up the garage door on the back wall of the restaurant!


I ordered the smoked mac-and-cheese on our waiter’s recommendation and I was not disappointed!


And then we did some walking around downtown to work off all the beer and food we ate!


The Pearl district (the divide their downtown up into districts kind of like Atlanta has Midtown, Old Fourth Ward, that kind of thing) has so many neat buildings and murals and there were tons of people out walking around – and this mural of the old person swimming made me laugh!


Then it was back home to the puppies where we capped off the weekend with some Fit-To-Fat-To-Fit. If you’ve never watched this show – do it! We are hooked…and it motivates us to start our diets tomorrow. 


Hope y’all had a great weekend!