The Trek Out West, Part2

After Winter Storm Selene packed up, there were still several roads and highways in Denver and Wyoming that were closed down. We had to wait until 10am on Thursday to head out so we got a late start getting out of Kansas. IMG_2442

The dogs were anxious to get out of the hotel. Some of the roads in Denver were pretty icy – the drive through Colorado was pretty stressful. But it was beautiful, so beautiful.


Then we hit Wyoming…which is a state full of absolutely nothing. It was even worse than Kansas. This was my least favorite state to drive through because there was nothing to look it. This part was also pretty scary because it was insanely windy. Steven and I could barely keep our cars on the road.


We ended the day in Salt Lake City. We didn’t get there until about 9:30 so the whole drive on Thursday into Utah was dark. A solid 12-hour driving day, and we were spent.


We headed out of Salt Lake early on Friday determined to make it to our apartment by that night. This was my view heading out of SLC – so beautiful!


Steven and I both bought audiobooks to listen to on the last day of the trip. He listened to the first Harry Potter book, and I listed to The Girl on the Train. Listening to an audiobook made the last day go by so much faster and it kept me awake and alert the whole time. If you haven’t read The Girl on the Train, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s on my top three favorite books list now. And, I think they’re making it into a movie. I’ll be at the midnight showing, don’t worry.


The dogs have been pretty good through the entire trip. Would I take them on a 4-day road trip again? Absolutely not. But, they did give me some great photo opportunities when they were cuddled up in the back seat!


After we got out of SLC, we moved into Idaho. While not the worst state on the trip, it definitely didn’t do anything to wow me. Nice and flat, residential in areas, lots of rolling hills and farms. Basically that’s it. I found it more important to snap a pic of my only means of survival on the trip than to photograph the scenery, if that tells you anything.


Ahhhh, Goldfish. How I love thee. And then, before I knew it…I saw it.


Home sweet home! The drive through Oregon was by far our favorite. We drove all along the Columbia river which divides Oregon and Washington. It was absolutely gorgeous. My quick iPhone while driving pictures do not do it justice. Steven and I will definitely be back to the Columbia River Gorge to take some better pictures of it. It really was stunning.


My favorite part was Steven’s text to me while driving along the river, “That’s the biggest f’ing lake I’ve ever seen!” He wasn’t paying attention to a map like I was…I informed him that it is in fact, a river, not a lake. It was hilarious. We pulled into our apartment complex right at 6pm – just before the office closed so we made it just in time.


We were so so happy to finally be home! We took the dogs to play in the dog park and then went out to dinner at a restaurant near the apartment. Today is unpacking day. We moved out bed into the apartment on Friday night but that was is. We’ll get everything moved in and all set up this weekend and then hit the ground running on Monday for day 1 at the new job!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “The Trek Out West, Part2

  1. Glad you made it OK. Idaho is actually like 3 states and the upper part is supposed to be really pretty. Love you.


  2. I wish I would have known you were going to land in SLC for a night, would love to have seen you! So happy for your new journey and can’t wait to follow along.


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