The Trek Out West, Part 1

Before we headed out of Atlanta, I got to spend time with all my favorite people. Blondie took me out to all my favorite places – and some new places I hadn’t had a chance to visit yet. IMG_2400

Ponce City Market is an outdoor shopping mall with all kinds of yummy restaurants and hip shops. It’s new-ish in Atlanta and I haven’t had a chance to make my way out there. So Blondie and I checked it out and it surpassed all my expectations.


Don’t worry, we found the restaurant with tacos. Because even when we try new places, we will ALWAYS find the tacos.


Then on Sunday my parents threw me and Steven a family going-away party.


My grandparents, aunt and uncle, and my brothers (and their girlfriends) all came over and had dinner and dessert with us to send us off.


Missing one bro above, but they were all there. We had the best time, and I am so grateful for all the support my family has given us.


Monday we packed up the U-Haul…using all 20 feet of that truck. If it was even an inch smaller, we would have been in trouble.


Then we went out to dinner with our best friends. It was the perfect send-off. Words can’t describe how much we’re going to miss them. An old pic, because I forgot to ask our waitress to take one for us on Monday.


We left bright and early on Tuesday morning. This was my view all day.


Steven is driving the U-Haul and I’m following in our car with the dogs. They’ve done pretty well so far. We asked the vet for some medicine for them so they have been sleeping for most of the drive.


Mila is a terrible co-pilot.


Wilson got nice and comfy in the back seat. Mila takes shorter naps than Wilson so when she’s awake, this is her favorite spot.


Tuesday’s drive took us through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri.


My thoughts on Tuesday’s trip…there were too many bridges. I have a fear (I’m not going to call it a phobia) of driving on a bridge over water. It gives me a lot of anxiety.


Try not to be too impressed by the artistic beauty of these pictures. I took them while driving (sorry mom) so they’re not the best.


We made it to our hotel right outside Kansas City, Missouri around 5:15pm CST, which made it about a 12-hour driving day. We passed out immediately. We needed to be well rested for Wednesday’s drive.

We set out around 7am on Wednesday. One cool thing we passed – the Kansas City Royals baseball stadium.


There was a big sign right under the KC logo (car is blocking it) that said “Home of the 2015  World Series Champions” which I thought was pretty neat. The other notable sight on Wednesday’s drive…


These giant wind turbines! This picture does not do it justice – they are massive. Kansas is filled with these things!


There really isn’t a whole lot else in Kansas except for these turbines. It’s the little things that impress me. There wasn’t a whole lot to choose from on Tuesday because our drive got cut short. We were supposed to make it up to Cheyenne, Wyoming. But that didn’t happen. Blame it on Selene.


Winter Storm / Blizzard Selene forced us to stop just west of the Colorado border in Colby, Kansas. We were supposed to turn north and cut through Nebraska on up into Wyoming, but the highway leading to Cheyenne closed down early in the morning due to white-out conditions.


Luckily we were able to find a hotel in time and stop just before the weather started getting bad. But, this means our next two days of driving will be longer than we originally planned. But, that’s life. One re-route after another!

Hope you all are staying safe and warm! We’re just going to be chilling in Kansas, waiting for the storm to pass!


This little reminder from my mom…perfect!




4 thoughts on “The Trek Out West, Part 1

  1. I was wondering when we were going to hear from you! Miss you terribly. And you are moving to the city of bridges so that thing you are not going to call a phobia? Yeah you’ll get over it. Love ya!!


  2. Praying for your trip! Woke up thinking of you two last night. So that meant “pray for them!” We had an unreal hailstorm in Texas las night!!


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