Got a Gypsy’s Soul To Blame

“Do you know anyone out there?”

“Have you ever been to Oregon?”

“Are you nervous to leave your family and friends?”

“It rains. A lot.”

These are just a few of the reactions I got when I told my friends, family, co-workers, and Facebook friends that my husband and I were relocating to Portland, Oregon for my dream job.

On the more positive side, I haven’t heard one person say a single bad thing about Oregon. Everyone I’ve talked to who has been there, lived there, vacationed there, has said it’s beautiful, or it was one of their favorite states that they lived in. So that’s pretty solid. Especially since my only time spent in the state was for the 48 hours I was there for my interview. My husband has never been. So to say we are excited is an understatement.


I don’t know who wrote this, but I love it. I’m putting 2500+ miles between me and my best friends and family. From the place I have lived my entire life, the home that has shaped me into who I am today. My friends and my family – they are the good thing that I will no longer get to see nearly enough.The South. You will always have my heart.

But my home…that’s still left to be decided. I believe home is where you make it. It’s where I share the bed at night with my partner in life and my best friend. It’s where my dogs have a comfy couch to sleep on. It’s where my clothes hang and my shoes sprawl out on the floor. Where my Kitchen-Aid mixer sets on the counter. That’s home. My home in Georgia was the first home Steven and I purchased together. A beautiful little 4-bedroom tri-level home 45 minutes from the city in a (huge) cute little subdivision.

Now my home will be a 938-square-foot two bedroom apartment in the city of Portland. Well, a little outside Portland. But still, it’s the city. I’ll start to build my heart and my family back up again in this new city. Learn new roads, new grocery stores. Find a new movie theater, coffee shop (I hear you can’t walk 500 feet without being smacked in the face by a coffee shop – my kind of people). And so many new things my sweet town in Georgia didn’t have. Like new trails and mountains to hike (yea, real mountains. take that, Kennesaw mountain), new beach towns to visit, and more breweries and restaurants than you could possibly imagine.

I love change. I crave it. Change is what drives me. Because if you’re changing that means you’re growing and learning and experiencing everything you can. I crave experiences and challenges. Tell me how hard it is to move across the country – and I’ll do it with a smile. Because it will make me a better person. It will widen my eyes and my mind to just how massive our country is, and that’s another little piece of knowledge that I’ll have and get to share with others. I will have lived that.

“Got a gypsy’s soul to blame and you were born for leavin.”

One of my favorite lines in all of music. Zac Brown Band. I’ve always connected to that line. I’ve moved countless times, changed jobs a handful of times (more than most at my age I’d say), wanted to be a number of different professions, fallen in love with every different sport or gym or activity, changed my mind on every whim. It’s me. It’s my personality to constantly crave change. Maybe one day I’ll find the place that my heart feels content and at home. I think I’m getting pretty close. But that gypsy soul, that will never leave me.

We start our trek out west next Tuesday. I’m counting down the days. More pictures, and more stories coming your way.


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