My Plan, Some Music, and Thank You

26.2 miles is A LONG WAY. Granted, I am running this race at Disney and, for those of you who have never done a Disney race before, they literally entertain you the entire way. There are characters, dancers, statues, funny signs, and then add on to that miles and miles of running through the parks. It really is the happiest race you can run.

Still, have I mentioned 26.2 miles is A LONG WAY? One of the most important things I’ve learned during training is that what I’m listening to during my runs can literally make or break a run for me. For those of you who can run without music or who don’t find motivation/distraction in what you’re listening to you…bless your soul.

Not me. So I knew I would need a game plan for what I was going to listen to through the race. Someone was definitely looking out for me when they decided to start Season 2 of the Serial podcast right before my race. I’ve got episode 3 to listen to which is approximately 55 minutes. I’ve also got 1 hr and 15 minutes of Mindy Kaling’s second book, Why Not Me, left to listen to. My plan is to start with the book and finish that out during the first 7ish miles. Hopefully that will help me start out nice and easy. Then I’ll switch to some music until probably mile 15, hit up the Serial podcast through mile 20 – 21, and then finish with music.

What’s my music plan? Oh – glad you asked. I’ve got a good mix – some rock, some hip hop, some country, even some Disney songs. But I wanted to point out a few songs on my playlist that have a special meaning to me.

Rachel Platten – Stand By You


Isn’t she precious? That’s my mom. Basically I heard this song on the radio and thought, “Oh that’s a sweet song, I’ll run to that!” The instant it came on during my run I started thinking about my mom. She’s basically the greatest mom ever. I know that this song was written by her to be sung to me because this is how she feels about me. I have always known that my mom would do absolutely anything and everything for me and she would always be right by my side as my biggest cheerleader no matter what I was doing. And if I ever struggled she would give me all of her strength to keep pushing through and overcome anything. She’s the most selfless person you’ll ever meet. This song is kind of like having my mom running right next to me and filling me with her strength. I’ll probably cry when it comes on, and probably when I pass her cheering me on during my race. I love you mom. You’re my pride and joy, xoxo.


Eminem – Lose Yourself

Katherine and Steven-2431

The hubs LOVES Eminem. He’s from Detroit so it’s kind of required that you like him. This song is from the movie 8 Mile and always makes me think of the hubs. He’s been so encouraging through this whole process, always there with kind words and a hug when I had a bad run. He’s told all his coworkers and his family how hard I’ve been working and they’ve all been so encouraging. And he’s put up with my crazy obsession with sticking to my running plan and arranging our weekend around that. He’s been a trooper and my daily encourager. Again, I’ll probably cry when I run past him. Love you babe!


Iggy Azalea – Impossible Is Nothing


Blondie posted about this song a few months ago and how it helped push her through a run one day. I listened to it and loved it too. Now it makes me think of her. She bought me the shirt I’m wearing on race day to help keep me motivated – she’s basically the best. Even though she can’t be there with me on race day I know she’ll be cheering for me (from the comfort of her warm bed) and I’ll be able to soak up all her support when this song comes on. Thanks for being so encouraging friend. Love you!

From Mulan – I’ll Make A Man Out Of You


This song…it cracks me up. Mostly because my Roomie for Life loves it so much. I just picture her singing it to me at our apartment when we lived together and I die laughing. She gave me a pretty legit list of other rap/hip hop songs to add to my play list, too. But this is my song for her. And even though it’s not this trip, one day I will get her butt down to Disney with me and it’s going to be epic. Love you roomie!

Braiden Sunshine – Amazing Grace


The hubs and I were big fans of The Voice last season and one of my favorite performances was by this adorable 15-year-old named Braiden. He did a version of Amazing Grace that brought me to tears. This is a special song to me. It’s my song for my great grandmother who died 17 years ago.  The hubs’ grandmother passed away at the end of last year and they played this song during her memorial. Naturally, it became my song for her too. This song gives me a lot of strength when I’m running just knowing these people who loved me so much are looking down on me and cheering me on. You can get his song on iTunes, but I couldn’t get it on my Spotify playlist. So here’s a link to when he performed the song on The Voice. Trust me, watch it.

Thank you to any and everyone who has supported me throughout my training. I’ve felt so much love from so many wonderful people, I just want to give you all a big hug! Thank you times a million!

Here’s a sample of a few songs from my full playlist:


And, finally, my race day outfit.


And, for after the race – this amazing tank courtesy of my mom.


Well, we are on our way down to Disney as we speak! Thanks for all the love and support you guys have shown me! I’ll be back on Tuesday with an update!



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