New Year, Better Me

Everyone has heard that saying, “New Year, New Me” right? The beginning of the year is full of all kinds of resolutions on how to make you “new” and improved.

Not this girl. This year I’m going with, “New Year, Better Me.” First things first – you all saw my new toothbrush, right? A better year starts with better teeth! Although, fun fact, I’ve never had a cavity. Just trying to keep it that way.


After my race is over I plan on taking the running down a notch and trying out some lower impact exercises. A new Pure Barre studio opened up by my house and I just bought a two-week pass. I think it’s important to vary your exercises so that you don’t get burned out and un-motivated. Running will always be there for me and my goal is to always keep in half-marathon shape (long runs between 8-11 miles). But I also want to work on toning this year and getting my “best” body.  I’m sure there will be a number of new gyms/studios, classes, or training workouts I’ll be trying and sharing! And races, I’ll still find some races to sign up for too of course.

9 things

I found this nifty list on, duh, Pinterest. I’m a super clean freak – I clean all the time. It’s a stress reliever. But I’m always looking for new schedules or routines to try out. I think a lot of the things this blogger lists are pretty easy and make sense to help ease into each week. Things I plan on implementing to my Sunday routines:

  • Wash and change the sheets
  • Wipe down bathrooms
  • Pick out work and gym clothes for each day
  • Vacuum (I added that on my own)


After my race I want to reset my body. I’ve been putting in excess fuel so my body has enough energy to sustain my runs throughout the week which usually meant a lot of carbs and not as many vegetables or proteins. I’ve heard the Whole30 diet is a great way to reset and get your body on the right track focusing on natural foods and eliminating things like grains and sugar. I ordered my book on Amazon (only $18) and I’m excited to give it a try! Stay tuned for my thoughts…


I’m not going to lie – I stole this from one of my favorite celebrities, Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill was my ish back in the day). I think it’s perfect. I know there are plenty of ways to make me the “best” me this year. But the most exciting part is that this year I’m going to actively search for those opportunities with wide eyes and open arms! Bring it on 2016!



Anyone ever tried a Pure Barre class? What are some of your favorite ways to exercise besides running?

Have you tried (or know anyone who has) the Whole30 diet? 


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