Holiday Recap and It’s Getting Close!

Welcome to 2016! I hope you guys had an awesome end to 2015! I definitely did, but unfortunately I was REALLY busy having fun and didn’t manage to take a lot of pictures or post anything. My sincerest apologies.

I’ll do a quick recap in the form of tweets, because no one has time to read more than 140 characters these days…

We took Christmas Eve very seriously…


My first Christmas away from home was made much easier thanks to amazing family who made us feel right at home.


One of my favorite gifts from the parentals. My mom gets me. Proudly displayed in my kitchen.


Flying at night is really pretty.


This was the only picture I could come up with on New Year’s Eve. It’s fireworks, in case you’re confused.


New Year’s Resolution (which I don’t really believe in, just go with it) started with healthy teeth. Try not to be jealous of my cool factor.


Hanging out at the bowling alley with friends amps up my cool factor, right? Good, because we do a lot of that.



Right before we left for MI our garage door opener blew up. The hubs spent all day installing a new one. I’m a proud wife. Also, this addition makes me excited.


Most importantly, I decided to ditch the Asics and rekindled my relationship with Nike. Enter – Cinderella shoes.



Week 17 Marathon Training Recap:

Monday – 8 miles ( tried to make up for my lack of long run in MI)

Tuesday & Wednesday – Off

Thursday – 3 miles easy

Friday – 5 miles

Saturday – Off

Sunday – 6 miles easy

Total: 22 miles


Only 4 days until we head down to Disney for race weekend and 6 days till race day! This week will be filled with carbs, foam rolling, early bedtimes, stretching, and hydrating. Start sending good vibes my way! My mom found this Google Maps video of the race course. It’s pretty cool to see the parks I get to run through, I’m getting excited!

disney marathon


Did you have a good Christmas and New Years? 

Any tips on what to do the week of a marathon? 




One thought on “Holiday Recap and It’s Getting Close!

  1. My two biggest tips for race week are to stay calm (I know, easier said than done) and get extra rest! I am always horrible about going to bed early the week leading up to a race, but the additional sleep makes me feel like I can fly when I do discipline myself and do it! I also usually treat myself to some new music and save it for the race.


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