A Few Things And Travel Tips

Some things before I check out for Christmas:

All Christmas-themed food makes me happy. This made me especially happy. IMG_2090

Holiday popcorn tins are the way to my heart. However, I need those popcorn makers to wise-up and make the cheddar cheese popcorn the one with the biggest portion. #amiright


I bought pumpkin pie spice to make a birthday cake for a friend and it literally called for 1 tbsp. So I was left with a lot of pumpkin pie spice and no idea what to do with it. Good news – I’ve found the perfect vehicle.


Add it to your coffee. You will NOT be disappointed. Update: only 2 days until Christmas…my mug is a little out of date.


Sleeping dogs are the cutest! Blondie’s dog Lacey is a sleeping machine!


Since I’ll be out of the office the rest of the week (aka unplugging from all things online/computer related) I’ll go ahead and share my…

Week 16 Marathon Training Recap:

Monday – rest and LOTS OF FOAM ROLLING

Tuesday – 4 miles easy (10:00 pace)

Wednesday – 5 miles varying incline between 0.5 – 2.5 (9:40 pace)

Thursday – rest

Friday – rest…Merry Christmas!

Saturday – 8 (maybe 9 depending on how I feel) miles @ 9:40 pace

Sunday – rest (flying home)

Only three run days this week. I’m praising my coach for this. Running while traveling is hard. Running around the entire state of Michigan visiting family, eating out 90% of the time, sleeping in a different bed, it really does take a toll on our bodies. Here are some things that help me keep up with my training while traveling (which has been more than I expected over the past 4 months):

  • Stay hydrated. I can’t say this enough. Also, try to limit the alcohol. This is usually a struggle especially when you’re visiting family and most nights wrap up at a bar. But if you limit your alcohol and stay hydrated, your body will thank you.
  • Plan out the exact day and time you’re going to run as best as you can. For me this involves coordinating with the hubs and letting him know that having time to run is an important part of our schedule.
  • Check the weather before you leave so that you don’t have an excuse to back out of a run. It might be 75 degrees this weekend in Georgia, but in Michigan it’s probably in the 30’s. Plan accordingly.
  • Make a new playlist or have a new audiobook or podcast ready to go. If you have something to look forward to it won’t be as hard to sneak away for your run.
  • Invite someone to come along with you. On my trip up to Michigan earlier this year my mom actually came with me on one of my runs and it was great! Running with a friend is always more fun.
  • Sleep. This is hard, I know. And it kind of goes without saying. Try to keep a regular sleep schedule.
  • And, lastly, realize that you can’t do it all and be gracious with yourself. If you set out to do 8 miles and your body is just screaming no or falling apart and you’re mentally not there, don’t push it! Do the best you can and then call it a day. Give yourself credit for getting out there and trying and don’t beat yourself up – there’s always another day!

These last 2.5 weeks before my race are going to take some mental toughness and real self-encouragement for me. I’m pumping myself up to really go into race day feeling like a bad ass.


I hope you have an extra special holiday and get to spend time with the ones who mean the most to you and that you all have bellies full of delicious holiday food!



What are some ways you keep up with fitness when you travel?

Are you traveling for the holidays?

Favorite holiday food?

> desserts…give me all the desserts!


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