The Most Fun Weekend – And The Most Exhausting…

Family Christmas traditions are my favorite. When I lived at home, my brothers and I always decorated the tree together with my parents. We picked out the biggest tree we could find and brought it home for dad to string the lights (always multi-colored) and put Snow White at the top. Then us kids would decorate it with a plethora of Disney/homemade/Baby’s First Christmas/missing limb/did I mention Disney ornaments we’ve collected over the years. Even though we’re all growing up and moving out, we still head over to mom and dad’s every year and decorate the tree together. I love this tradition.IMG_2095

Marathon Training Week 15 Recap:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 4 miles easy (I stuck to a 10:00/mm pace)

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 5 miles @ 1mi easy (10:00/mm) , 3 miles with 60 second pick-up / 60 seconds easy (Pick Up @ 9:13/mm, Easy @ 9:40/mm), 1 mi easy

Friday – supposed to be 3 miles easy but my ankle, yeah. That didn’t happen. Got in 1 mile before I had to call it quits because of ankle pain.

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 21 miles! I did it!


Some things from this weekend:

Friday we went out to celebrate the Roomie’s birthday! Good times were had by all.


Saturday we hung out with some people the hubs works with and cooked out at their house. Then we all went to see the new Star Wars movie! Do not judge, I grew up with three little brothers. I am a closet Star Wars fan. The movie theater we went to had waiters who would bring popcorn and candy to your seat any time you pushed this little button! It was amazing!!


Sunday was long run day. Then Blondie and I headed to the grocery store to get all the ingredients we needed for a day of baking while the boys watched football and were our official taste testers.



We both needed to make little treats to give to people in our offices for the holidays so we decided to do it together! I made one of my great-grandmother’s recipes: party mix. I also made ginger snap cookies. Blondie made Christmas bark and homemade Snickers and Butterfingers!

Then Sunday night my parents came over and gave us our Christmas presents since we won’t be here with them on Christmas day. They gave us tickets to see The Book of Mormon at the Fox! I’m so excited! And my mom got me a hilarious kitchen towel that I will post a picture of later…she really gets me!


Y’all, my weekend was exhausting. But, it was filled with so much celebrating and so many good times with friends. I hope you guys had a fun weekend too!


How was your weekend?

Do you have any yummy family recipes you like to make around the holidays? 


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