26 Things About My Marathon Training

I’ve read so many amazing “26 Things…” posts from people about their marathon or their training. This is my pre-race edition. I’ll probably have a post-race edition although I expect it will probably be a bit shorter than this one.

  1. I’ve spent a majority of 2015 training for this race. My serious and scheduled training may not have begun until September, but ever since registering in April I’ve been working hard to build my base up so that I’d be able to safely and successfully complete this race.
  1. I think about running a lot. I read about it, I spend a lot of money on it. It has dictated my bed time more than anything.
  1. I have consumed a lot less alcohol these past 4 months.
  1. I have consumed a lot MORE carbs. Pasta is my friend.
  1. My feet have never been so sore in my life. I didn’t even really know feet could get sore.
  1. My body truly, honestly, is amazing. I had no idea I was capable of running this far for this long. This is one of the mantras I’ve repeated to myself throughout the course of my training-  “How amazing is your body that it allows you to do this?”
  1. I’ve grown mentally tougher. I’ll admit, I am a quitter. If I don’t feel like I’m going to do well or if things start to get hard, I quit. Training has taught me that if I put my mind to it and decide to just keep going, I really can finish.
  1. Books on tape are pretty much the best thing ever. I love to read but I never got into audiobooks until I started training. It makes me focus on something other than how far I’ve run, how far I still have to go, how sore my legs are, how windy it is, how early it is…you get it.
  1. Mindy Kaling is hilarious, and I want to be her best friend. I’ve read listened to both of her books during this training cycle. Highly recommended. You could often find me on the treadmill early in the morning laughing hysterically while listening to her talk about her struggles in Hollywood.mindy 2mindy
  1. Body glide. Need I say more?
  1. I’ve really enjoyed running around my little neighborhood area. I feel more attached to my town and connected to it. It’s my ‘hood. And I’ve become attached to the animals…like Duke the donkey. IMG_1772 (2)
  1. Do not run outside on Wednesdays. Trash days…disgusting.
  1. I wish the runner’s high could come around at some point during every run. Alas, it does not. It is an elusive little creature.
  1. Did I mention I have the most supportive friends and family ever? Everyone has been so encouraging, asking how training is going and how many days I have left until my race. The hubs has given me many a pep talk and is constantly pumping me up. I love you all.
  1. Fruity Gu flavors are NOT my friend. They haven’t upset my stomach or anything, I just really don’t like those flavors. Unfortunately, I had to learn this through trial and error. So when at mile 6 of my 14 mile long run I opened up a mixed berry flavored Gu and had to toss it after the first taste hit my tongue, my body was dying for fuel by the end of the run.
  1. Chocolate Outrage Gu IS my friend! This should really come as no surprise to anyone who knows me.
  1. I’d like to send a personal shout-out to the Honey Stinger waffle. I sincerely believe that this honeycombed piece of heaven is what started my Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon in the right direction and allowed me to PR like a BOSS.
  1. The preparation for a long run is real. Purchasing your fuel the day before, carb loading a few days leading up to the run, making sure you stay hydrated throughout the week, planning your route…it’s extensive. Also, on the actual day of my long run, I had to drive around and place water bottles and Gatorade along my route so I was never too far away from a hydration station.
  1. There is such a thing as too much Eminem on your playlist. Don’t tell the hubs.
  1. It’s important to make multiple playlists so you don’t get bored with the songs you listen to, to a point where they become un-motivating. Apple music, you are a godsend.
  1. Having a coach who makes my running schedule for me each month was the best decision I made during this whole process. Having that calendar with those distances and paces already set out for me was all I needed to keep me accountable and keep me on track.
  1. Shin splints are from the devil. KT Tape is from heaven.
  1. Signing up for a winter marathon was such a good choice. While yes I did run outside all year, even in the sweltering heat, I was able to enjoy most of my long runs during a fairly cool and mild-weathered time of the year. Put that little tidbit in the back of your brain for future race registration consideration.
  1. The amount of tired you feel after a long run is unreal. It basically is all I plan on doing that day because I know the rest of the day I will just want to sit, foam roll, and nap. And repeat. I’m pretty much worthless.
  1. No, Katherine. No matter how many times you tell yourself if you just get through this long run and finish strong then the Falcons will win their game today…it will not happen. Because the Falcons are not good. Not good at all.falcons
  1. All of the emotions I feel leading up to this race – oh the emotions. The self doubt, the victories, the sheer amazement at what I’ve accomplished. The physical pain, the hunger, all of the feels. This has been such an amazing journey (Bachelor drinking game – sorry, had to say it) and I’m so excited to wrap it up in these next three weeks and have all the hard work pay off!


Send good vibes for this weekend’s LAST long run!!

What are your plans this weekend?

Have any cool stories about races you’ve run this year? 


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