My Holiday Gift Guide

There are only 8 days until Christmas…don’t panic.  I’ve got some great gift ideas for you guys!

1.  Alex and Ani bracelets – these adorable bangles are one of my favorite new finds this year. They make a ton of different jewelry from rings to necklaces to bracelets. But these charm bangles are my favorite because you can build on them and stack them in a collection. It’s one of those gifts you can give someone for Christmas’ and birthdays every year and each time they get a new bangle with a new charm they will get to add on to their collection!

alex and ani

2. MVMT Watches – I love this company’s watches for men. They’re sleek and classy – and, BONUS, they’re not outrageously priced. You really can’t go wrong with a solid watch collection.


3. Copper Moscow Mule mugs – Keeping with the ‘classy’ theme, copper moscow mule mugs top the list. I’m not a huge fan of the actual moscow mule drink (vodka, ginger beer, lime..meh. I’ll stick with wine) but I think the copper mugs that they come in are adorable.  You can get ultra cute with them and get them personalized!


4. Blanket scarf – Have a fashionista to shop for? Blanket scarfs are all the rage this winter. The moment a blanket became an acceptable accessory to wear 24/7, my life was complete. I’m a cold-natured person so I’m all about this. You can get them in literally any pattern.


5. Audible Audiobooks gift card – I’m not usually a huge fan of giving gift cards as holiday gifts. I feel like sometimes they’re impersonal. UNLESS the person you’re buying for is a huge fan of listening to audiobooks while doing long runs during marathon training (hint hint, wink wink!). Or maybe they sit in the car for two hours a day in traffic driving to and from work and they’re TOTALLY over all of the current top-40 radio hits? Enter Audible. They’re run by Amazon and they have any book you could think of on tape. BIG fan of this gift.


6. Garden Jar 3-Pack – Okay maybe this is just me? I love mason jars and I love cooking with fresh herbs. My yard gets zero sun so I can’t have a garden. But these Garden Jars are made to grow inside – perfect for me! It comes with parsley, basil, and mint!garden jar

7. Cold weather running gear – In the south, it doesn’t really start getting cold until, eh, mid-January, and it stays cold through the end of March. So Christmas is prime time to get that special runner in your life all kinds of cold weather gear to prepare. Some must haves for me are:

  • Ear warmer – I CANNOT run in the cold without something covering my ears. It’s so painful. I had a sweet friend give me a super cute monogrammed ear warmer this Christmas! Here’s a link to a cute one on Amazon.                           ear warmer
  • Gloves – I don’t like big puffy gloves because I hate when my hands get too hot. But gloves are a definite must when you’re starting those long runs at 6am and it’s 30 degrees out!gloves
  • Long sleeve tops – I’d much rather have cold legs than cold arms.  I’m partial to Nike’s long sleeve  tops like this one. I also have this half-zip top that is my go-to when I need an extra layer.                  nike-womens-printed-miler-long-sleeve-running-t-shirt_750339


Christmas shopping can be stressful, but luckily I got a majority of mine done early and have everything wrapped under the tree ready to go! The hubs and I have to do our Christmas a few days early this year since we can’t travel up to Michigan with all of our gifts in our suitcases. This is the first year we’ll be traveling for the holidays, but we are excited to spend the Christmas with his family!merry

Tomorrow I’m sharing some of my reflections from the past 15 weeks of marathon training. Some deep reflective thoughts, other comical thoughts – it’ll be a good time!


Tell me –

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

Do you start shopping early or save it all until the very end?

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? Given?


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