Rugged Maniac and Thursday Tunes

Run status check this week:

Monday – strength training AM / Tuesday – easy 4 miles / Wednesday – 5 miles, did a 1.5 mile warm up then alternated each .5 mile at 9:30 pace and 8:57 pace for the last 3.5 miles/ Thursday – easy 4 miles



This picture inspired by my mischievous pups Mila and Wilson.



I’ve been avoiding sharing this with you in the hopes that it would miraculously, some how, fall off my calendar.

08-16-2014-Rugged-Maniac-Atlanta-250x250 hqdefault race_159_photo_7653454-1

Alas, no such luck. The time has come. Wayyyyyyy back in April or somewhere about then my sweet R friend (R&M, getting married next year?)…


Yea her. She’s the culprit. She talked us into signing up for one of these muddy obstacle course 5K races. I’ve NEVER wanted to do an obstacle course like this because I hate mud and I hate being dirty and gross and just eh (sorry, that was a little diva status – but I am not rugged). But because I love her and because the hubs was into it, we said yes.

So all of these beautifully clean people –


Yep, we’ll all be getting ‘rugged’ and muddy this weekend. I plan on making a stop at Goodwill on Friday night to pick up some $2 tennis shoes and other clothes that I can just toss after this is done.


In honor of said race taking place this weekend, I made a Rugged Maniac playlist for you for some Thursday Tunes. Obviously I won’t be able to listen to the playlist during the race – but I’ll rock out to it on the drive there.


Give me a status check of your running this week!

Are your pets troublemakers like mine?!

Have you ever done a muddy/dirty obstacle race like the Rugged Maniac? Any suggestions for me to get through it?


3 thoughts on “Rugged Maniac and Thursday Tunes

  1. My dog Kona is an absolute crazy man. He is totally uncontrollable but so lovable I can’t do anything about it! 🙂 Haha. Good luck with your race – you’re far braver than I am !!


  2. I bet you’ll have tons of run at the race!:) none of my friends or family like to run so I love fun runs like these where I’m more likely to convince them to join me:)
    My dog Marley is just as naughty as the dog in Marley & Me. Such a troublemaker!! If you out your coffee down for one second, he’s all over it – he LOVES coffee for some reason!


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