Weekend Recap and A New Recipe

Sorry for my lack of post yesterday! Last weekend was surprisingly busy for being a weekend without plans…isn’t that how it always works out?! Also, we stayed out on Sunday night celebrating Blondie’s birthday, so I blame her.



We checked out the Atlanta Braves Grill in downtown Atlanta. Blondie is a huge Braves fan so I was excited to take her to this restaurant!


The food was DE-licious. They surprisingly had some issues finding the Braves game on TV – go figure? They finally found it, but we were a little concerned that the ATLANTA BRAVES GRILL didn’t know what channel the Braves Game was on. We hit up Tin Lizzy’s for a post-dinner marg.


Saturday was filled with running, and errands. I got a good 7 miles in before we headed out for the day.


I was very happy with that. I think my struggles with running outside come when I try to do them in the afternoon after a long day of work, and also at the hottest part of the day. It’s not my conditioning, it’s just the time of day that I try to make it happen. If I stick to my morning runs, my long runs don’t seem so bad! Oh, and I got through 2 episodes of Serial – it’s getting juicy!


I had a buy-2-get-2-free coupon for Yankee Candle and the sale ended on Sunday so that was a sign that I needed to hit up The Avenue. You know you’re an adult when you opt for $50+ on candles over $50+ on clothes. Fall candles are my FAVORITE! I’m so happy with my purchases and I’m hoping they bring the fall weather with them!


August Goals Update – last week’s runs 8/3 – 8/9 totaled 23.1 miles! First week of August = still on track for 20+ miles per week!


A cute pic of Willy as he anxiously awaited the vet to arrive. We are trying out Healing Hands Mobile Veterinary Service in the hopes that Wilson won’t be so terrified of getting his shots if someone comes to him at our house…



Recipe Reviews: Last week the hubs and I tried out two new recipes, Maple BBQ Salmon and Crock Pot Garlic Bacon Chicken. I’m happy to report that both recipes were HUGE hits at our house. I was a little wary of the salmon when I was combining the ingredients, but y’all, it was delicious. And it was really easy, I had most of the ingredients in my pantry already. The same with the Crock Pot chicken. It was so juicy and tender from cooking all day, we inhaled it. I’d highly recommend both recipes!


This week our new recipe is Spinach Lasagna Rolls from The Girl Who Ate Everything. The original recipe doesn’t incorporate a meat, but we like meat in our Italian dinners. So we will be modifying the original and adding ground beef into our ricotta/spinach filling.


This AM’s run: 6 miles / 55 minutes (like, on the dot. weird.)

How was your weekend?

Any yummy recipes you’ve tried lately?

Do you like baseball? Favorite team?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and A New Recipe

  1. I totally know what you mean about the afternoon runs! There is just something in the air that slows us down, I swear! Running around 2-3pm is death. All of my good runs happen in the morning, but not too early of course:)
    And those candles look amazing!!
    My sister (she’s vegan) and I made some vegan cookies on Sunday and they were AMAZING!


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