Five Friday Facts and Treadmill vs. Outside Running

Friday! This has felt like an exceptionally long week, am I right?

My running this week has been sporadic. Truth – I’ve been feeling exhausted this week so I’ve decided to listen to my body and catch up on some sleep. I took two days off in a row, in the middle of the week. That’s not my usual “off-day” schedule but after getting some extra rest I’m hoping for a great long run this weekend.

Time for Five Friday Facts!

  1. There are 364 days until the Summer Olympic Games in Rio! I love watching the Olympics, especially the summer games. Swimming and gymnastics are two of my favorite events to watch – I become borderline obsessive. I saw this article about notable athletes to watch during the games and a little hype video, it got me super pumped!

2. I am incapable of eating lunch or dinner foods before noon. Anything before noon needs to be a breakfast food – no cold pizza or leftover spaghetti for me. I can’t do it. No, I will not meet you for lunch at 11:30…unless we’re meeting at Cracker Barrel. Am I weird??

3. Assuming my running coach gives me the a-oky, I’m planning to run the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving morning this year.  They also have a 5K that morning too, I’d love to run with some friends! I just want to make sure it’s not too close to my marathon (a little more than a month before) and that it won’t mess with my training schedule to do that distance. Check that one off of August goals!


4. I’ve got two trips to Michigan planned between now and the end of the year. The first trip is with the madre to visit my sweet grandparents.


The second is to go up for Christmas to spend the holidays with the hubs’ family. This will be my first Christmas spent away from my family. Not sure how I’ll feel about that, but I’m beyond excited to spend the holidays with my new family!


5. See those crazy kids in that picture up there? Those are my baby brothers. I’m the oldest of 4 kids and the only girl. Apparently Sunday was #nationalsisterday so I felt it appropriate to share a little of my family with you guys. More on them – well, one of them – next week.


Most of my runs during the week are done on a treadmill. The main reason for this is because it’s much easier for me to get my running done in the morning. That leaves my afternoons free for cleaning, cooking, and blogging (duh). I need to run pretty early in order to get to work on time and running outside at 4am is a) dangerous, and b) um, dangerous?

I try to do all of my long runs on the weekend outside when I can. I need to get better at doing these in the morning too. Sometimes I get lazy and sleep in and then try to start my 7 mile run at 2pm. Let me just tell you how well that goes – it doesn’t. HOT.


Some major differences in running on the treadmill vs. running outside:

  • The obvious hills and gradation are more intense outside
  • You have to watch out for debris and uneven sidewalks when you’re outside so you actually have to think while you run (or at least I do – zero coordination)
  • I have no idea why, but for some reason I only have issues with my shorts riding up or chafing when I run outside. When I run on the treadmill I have no problems with my clothes!
  • You have to stop at crosswalks, stop signs, stop lights, and be generally aware of cars and your surroundings…also lawn mowers. Have you ever been running and run right past someone mowing their lawn? It’s not a good time.
  • The heat and humidity are 1 million times worse outside, even if your gym is an oven
  • Outside runs are WAY more scenic than treadmill runsIMG_1169
  • You can spit anytime you want when you run outside
  • If you run around your house, you might just pass some friends or neighbors out walking or running, or driving home from work. And then they honk at you and scare the daylights out of you, but you wave feverishly at them and you get overly excited to see them – which gives you an adrenaline rush…or is that just me?
  • I only achieve that ever-elusive “runner’s high” when I run outside. It never comes on a treadmill. I think it’s the vitamin D that does it.

I hope you guys have a great weekend!

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Tell me a Friday Fact!

Do you like running on a treadmill or outside better?

What’s your long run look like this weekend?


3 thoughts on “Five Friday Facts and Treadmill vs. Outside Running

  1. I definitely prefer outdoor running, but with the summer heat the treadmill has grown on me a lot this year. I like that I can watch Netflix and zone out on the treadmill, but I definitely lose the benefits of hills! I try to keep a pretty even mix of treadmill and outdoor runs throughout the week, but as soon as fall gets here my runs will be 100% outside!


  2. I much prefer running outside, but I can imagine the convenience for people who have treadmills in their homes! That might be a hint to NEVER buy my own treadmill or I might never get outside again.
    Canadians winters are the worst – so cold, snowy and icy and because I am a wimp I almost always run inside during the winters. I almost always notice the difference come spring when I start to run outside again – no matter how many hill workouts I do on the treadmill, they never seem to translate well to the hills outside!
    I also looooove Cracker Barrel – it is my absolute FAVOURITE American restaurant!!


  3. I only run outside but found myself on a treadmill this weekend while out of town at the hotel. I didn’t hate it but I rather have been outside. I just like the feeling of going somewhere, I think. The treadmill is just all the same. I’m hoping to head outside today and skip the treadmill. I have to scope out what’s nearby first.


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