Fantasy Football Poll and Date Night Ideas

I need to take a poll: what should my fantasy football team name be this season? Background – last year I was “Matty Ice Ice Baby” (Matt Ryan, Matty Ice, get it?)

1. Samuel L. Jackson’s Choir (just watch this Falcon’s hype video)

2. Julio’s Your Daddy


3. Roddy’s White Knights


My fantasy football draft is coming up in a few weeks so I’ll be asking for some input on player selections soon. Very important stuff going on around here at SSR.


Public Service Announcement – the Maple BBQ Salmon recipe I posted on Monday…yea, that was a fan favorite. I was concerned when I was preparing it, it sounds like such a strange combination of ingredients (lemon juice and maple syrup? Cumin and red pepper?) But y’all, it was amazing. Definitely keeping that one in the recipe book for use, eh, every other week.


If you read yesterday’s post you know I’m intentionally planning two date nights this months. Since the hubs and I are rolling on a tight budget these days, I wanted to share some inexpensive date night ideas. These are things we do pretty regularly that help us stay connected while not breaking the bank!

– Go to the movies – I know what you’re thinking. “The price of movie tickets is outrageous!” I completely get that. The theater closest to our house is relatively decent with their prices, $11 for a student ticket. Yes, we both still pass off as students (insider tip to saving money, keep your student ID’s after graduating!). But another way we fit movie dates into our budget is by going to a later movie and eating dinner at home. Most movie date nights are preceded by a dinner date. We like to cook dinner at home and go to an 8:00 ish movie so we skip the pricey dinner!Cover_finEXHighly recommend this one, Southpaw. We saw it last weekend – I give it an A+.

– Go on a walk – Obviously this one is free, but this is one we enjoy a lot. If you have dogs, grab them and bring them with you. The hubs and I find all kinds of things to talk about on our walks and we always come home feeling reconnected and like we know everything going on in each other’s lives, which sometimes falls to the wayside when we start spending too much time in front of the computer, TV, or on our phones.

– Cook dinner together  – Start to finish, the whole deal. Spend 10 minutes browsing Pinterest or some cookbooks you have and find a meal that you both agree on and are both excited to eat! Then take a family trip to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients you need (tip: include dessert, it’s a great way to end the night). Come home and map out who is doing what and get cooking! This is a great way to judge how well you work together as a team if you’re early in your dating relationship, and if you’re an old married couple, it’s a fun way to reconnect and even be a little silly with each other. Then sit down with a nice glass of red wine and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

-Make a fort in the living room and have an at-home movie night – Perhaps after you’ve cooked a nice dinner together? Don’t underestimate the romanticality (not a word, go with it) of a nice pallet of blankets on the floor right in front of the TV watching your favorite rom-com and a bowl of popcorn! May I suggest a classic like When Harry Met Sally? Or perhaps one a little more current, Hitch? Both are two of my favorites.

The hubs and I are homebodies. We work really hard so we love coming home and relaxing together. We are also movie buffs, clearly. These are just some things we enjoy doing together that don’t cost us an arm and a leg, and also keep up connected and laughing with (and at) one another!


This week’s workouts so far have been pretty quality. Monday was 4 miles of tempo running, 37:58. I also did some upper body weights before I started my run so I got through my whole 54-minute Serial podcast. Sorry, I’m obsessed!

Tuesday was a good 5 mile speed workout. I feel like I could have pushed harder and gone faster but my goal was to maintain my confidence and see how I did with this particular set. Next time I’ll increase my speed and go through three sets instead of two sets of the drill.

10 minute warm-up / 5 minutes at 6.4, 2 minutes at 6.8, 5 minutes at 6.4, 2 minutes at 6.8, 2 minutes at 6.4, 2 minutes at 6.1 (repeat set) / 0.5 miles cool-down


Today will include 4 miles of hills. I can’t decide if I want to stick to the treadmill or just do some hill repeats outside in my neighborhood. We shall see how I feel after work.

I’m pretty close to deciding what race I want to register for this month. Hopefully I’ll have that for you by the end of the week. I’m so picky!

Good morning runs make me happy. And they also make me feel like I want candy, so this happened…


The best candy. Ever.

Hope you have a great hump day!



Do you have any good affordable date night ideas?

How are your workouts going so far this week? Any exceptionally good runs or other workouts?

Favorite candy?


9 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Poll and Date Night Ideas

  1. I vote Julio’s Your Daddy as well:) I know nothing about football but that made me laugh really hard!
    My boyfriend and I are students so we are really into cheap/free date nights. We like to get ice cream at McDonald’s (it’s good I swear) and we totally do the fort/movie night – so much fun!! Another free one is to give each other massages:)


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