My Weekly Calendar and Recipes

Happy Monday!


I hope your weekend was great! We had some pool fun with friends on Saturday, and Sunday the boys played golf and Blondie and I had our date at the Fox to see The Sound of Music! We stopped for lunch at Publik Draft House right next door to the Fox. I got a delicious pesto chicken sandwich with a side salad – hello yum!


IMG_1311 IMG_1305

Sunday’s 5 miles felt okay – did them outside so that’s progress I guess. I think I’m pulling myself out of my running slump. Better hurry up – only 1 month until real training starts <insert scared face>!!!

Weekend summary – good times, good friends, good run!


I spent a good bit of my Saturday morning planning out our week – meal plans, social events, bills, cleaning, and my running schedule. I’m such a planner, I always feel better when I have something written down that maps out any parts of my week that are within my control.

Obviously many many things can drop in and rearrange our schedules, but just knowing I have most things laid out it makes it so much easier to come home and relax and just follow the plan and not have to think!

I use a weekly calendar that Corey over at Tiny Sidekick has available for a free download. She’s got a lot of other free printables too, super cute! I’m working on making my own downloads for you guys (grocery lists, weekly / monthly calendars / budgets / workouts) so stay tuned for more of those!

Click here to see my calendar for this week! I usually print this out and stick it on the refrigerator so that the hubs can see what all we have planned for the week too.

We’ve got a pretty calm week. I have two dinner recipes on there that I’m particularly excited about…

Monday: Maple BBQ Salmon


Elizabeth at Three Beans on a String posted this recipe and I’m super excited to try it out tonight!

Friday: Crock Pot Garlic Bacon Chicken


This recipe from Recipes That Crock (ps how cute is that website name?!) sounds so easy and delicious! Friday is our crock pot day this week because of Wilson’s vet visit. I don’t want to have to worry about dealing with him and his issues wit the vet and then turn around and have to make dinner right after. Crock pot to the rescue!

Sides for these dinners will include a salad and then a veggie of some kind. At the store this week I bought zucchini squash and broccoli for my fresh veggies and then a few bags of mixed frozen veggies and also a southwest blend to cook with our fajitas.


How I felt after my run yesterday –


Do you make a weekly calendar? What kinds of things are on there? 

Do you like cooking with a crockpot? 

How was your weekend?!


4 thoughts on “My Weekly Calendar and Recipes

  1. Love the weekly calender idea!! I think I’m going to try that! That salmon recipe sounds so good! Good luck this week running!


  2. Awesome job last week! Your food plan looks amazing!! I don’t plan at all during summertime but during the winter (when in working) I plan my meals and week before Friday, grocery shop Friday night and mow down pizza, long run sat morning and the cleaning and meal prepping the rest of the weekend so I can be prepared for the week! I have it down to a science now!


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