Five Friday Facts!

Time for Five Friday Facts:

1. NFL training camp is underway for most NFL teams, including my Atlanta Falcons! Matt Ryan (he’s our QB – my main man Matty Ice!) put this picture up on Instagram yesterday and I got overly excited. Only 41 days until the first game of the season. I love football! IMG_1301 Hey, follow me on Instagram, we can be friends!

2. I made this delicious taco salad for dinner on Wednesday. Blondie gave me the idea! IMG_1288 I’m not sure why I’ve never made this before, it was so easy and so good! We  cooked chicken breasts in the crockpot with a packet of taco seasoning and a little chicken broth for about 4 hours on high until it was done enough to shred. Then put the chicken on top of some iceberg lettuce and add your favorite mexican toppings! We used black beans, salsa, avocado, onion, sour cream and  cheese! SO good!

3. Thursday was Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day. They donated $1 for every Blizzard purchased on July 30th to Children’s Miracle Network. CMN is the philanthropy that my college sorority supports so it’s near and dear to my heart. Not that I needed an excuse for ice cream, but hey, it’s tax deductible right?! IMG_1296 IMG_1295 I couldn’t even wait until I got home to eat it, I had to dig in in my car. Strawberry Cheese-quake for the win! (also yesterday was national cheesecake day so I felt compelled to incorporate that too!)

4. Made it to the gym every day this week – success! Monday – Thursday were run days, and this morning I did some strength training. IMG_1298 Got some good plank time in this morning too, they’re my favorite (said no one, ever). IMG_1299 5. Got a hot date this weekend with Blondie. IMG_0765 Because she’s the best, she found this super fun event going on at the Fox Theater in Atlanta – SOUND_OF_MUSIC Sound of Music Sing-Along! She’s going to regret taking me to this, I’m going to be the loudest one singing in the theater without a doubt – no subtitles needed. I can’t wait! The Fox Theater is such a beautiful venue, it’s one of my favorite Atlanta landmarks!


Excited for a long 6-7 mile run this weekend. Hope you guys have some fun plans! 49e397449f0a79cb1e2e6fa14263815e ——–

Tell me a Friday Fact!

Any exciting plans this weekend? 

Any football fans? Who is your favorite team?


2 thoughts on “Five Friday Facts!

  1. I love football! But I much prefer college over the pros (for basically all sports, actually). But I’m going to attribute that to growing up near Detroit. One season when I was in high school, the Lions lost every game – not exactly an easy team to root for!


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