Marathon Finisher’s Club and Some Thursday Tunes

I start my official marathon training in a little over a month so I’m obsessed with trying to find any info on marathon training and the things I might experience.

I know everyone is different and just because Sally said she followed “this” running plan and got her PR doesn’t mean that I will. But at the same time it’s nice to feel like you’re not alone, that this isn’t an impossible endeavor and that when you finish you’ll get to join this exclusive club – the Marathon Finisher’s Club (they really should come up with a more creative name).


If you just type “marathon” into Pinterest the pins you find will be so random you won’t know where to start.

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It never ends! I found this article on Women’s Running that I thought was really insightful . Even though this woman had her own experiences at her own race, a lot of her points resonated with me.

26.2 Unexpected Lessons From My First Marathon

When I crossed the finish line of my first marathon, I was completely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with thanks for my family for being there with me, overwhelmed with pride for becoming a marathoner and overwhelmed with lessons I knew I needed to write down before I made the same mistakes twice in marathon #2.

A few of my favorites:

6. Tell your people that this is important to you. Tell them you need cheerleaders. Tell them to Google marathon spectator signs. Marathons are huge accomplishments—find a reason to celebrate before, during and after.

8. The beer at the beer tent makes the hurt better. (they probably won’t have beer at the Disney Marathon…sad day.)

14. Setting a goal is a good way to keep yourself on pace and in line in the beginning. Once you’ve been running for 3 hours it’s okay to throw expectations out the window.

You’re curios about those spectator signs in number 6 aren’t you? I was too.

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These kill me, they’re perfect! I hope I see some great signs during my race. When the pain is getting the best of me, a laugh will help take my mind off of it. I can’t wait to have my own 26.2 list to write after I finish my marathon in January!

A few things I have already learned since committing to running my first marathon:

1. I have some really amazing family and friends who have been so supportive even before I really begin this journey. I know they’ll be there to push and encourage me when I feel like this is too hard.

2. My mental game is NOT strong. I’m my worst enemy – my own brain impedes my progress more than any injury ever could. I’m trying to find ways to get over my mental obstacles.


3. I think I have tender-toes (you know, like someone who is tender-headed when they brush their hair?). My toes, particularly the tops of my toes, get really sore and blister after even a 6 mile run. What’s up with that?

4. I’m very grateful that I chose a winter marathon. Living in the south I don’t think there is any way that I could train for a fall marathon. Running outside – what is that?

Side Note – I think I’ve found my little ‘motivation mantra’ that I need to have constantly on repeat during my run: Keep Going. If you just keep going, you will get there. I’m going to test it out for the next few weeks.


A little Pop Playlist to get you through your Thursday…


Just some feel-good stuff for a fun run!


Any insights from readers who have run a marathon before? 

Can you come up with a funny marathon motivation sign? 

What are your Thursday Tunes?


10 thoughts on “Marathon Finisher’s Club and Some Thursday Tunes

  1. I can totally relate on the mental obsticals! I’m such a baby and such a whiner when it comes to working out! The 1st sign of pain and I’ve convinced myself that I’m done! Haha! But like you, I just keep convincing myself that at least I’m out here doing something and I remind myself that once I’m done I’m going to feel so proud and acomplished! So hang there! You’ve got this! I’m pushing for you and while I won’t be there holding up a sign for you, I’ll be here encouraging you and praying for you the whole time! And thanks for the jams! Those are great!


  2. Best advice I can say for your first marathon is don’t be too hard on yourself. Of course stick to your training plan and work towards your goal, but not every training cycle is perfect. Best marathon sign I saw was “Julie I love you but you’re 26.2 miles of CRAZY” haha that one gave me a good laugh.


  3. My first one is in November and I got a ton of great advice from readers on a post I did a few weeks ago about how to train. The best advice is to have a plan, but be flexible and listen to your body along the way! Like Jamie said, don’t be too hard on yourself! This will be our starting point and we can know what to expect for all of the other marathons we will run!


  4. You know, I don’t struggle with blisters but when I ended up with that TERRIBLE one last week, someone shared something important with me – it was the blogger from Yoga on the Run. She said she had really bad blisters and found she was a completely different shoe size than she realized! Maybe worth going to your local running store to get fitted, just to check? I do that once a year anyway just to make sure nothing changed.

    “Nothing’s broken, carry on” is my mantra 🙂 I also go back to “This too shall pass” when I’m either going through an injury or just struggling in a race or a training run!


  5. Finishing your first marathon is so exciting! My main tip is to stick to your training plan as much as possible, but know that things will happen outside of your control. I love the Marathon Training Academy podcast, and listening to them while I trained for my first marathon really helped normalize the whole thing. And I know it’s against the grain, but sometimes I let my mantra just be “this sucks!” during a hard run – if I try to pretend I feel great, I just get annoyed.


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