Am I Weird, Living Single, and My New Mantra

Happy Wednesday!

Everyone has quirks, little things about them that make them uniquely them. I’m just curious if some of the little things I do make me weird or if there are other people out there who have the same quirky habits!

Am I weird?


When I unload the dishwasher, I have to stack the plates and bowls in a certain order. If I pull out clean plates or bowls from the dishwasher I have to put them underneath the clean dishes that are still in the cabinet that didn’t get used. I don’t want the same plates to always be stacked on the top because those are the ones that will always get used and the ones on the bottom of the stack will feel left out. So the fresh-out-of-the-dishwasher dishes go in the bottom of the stack. Weird?


I have to carry chapstick on me at all times. And it has to be the Cherry Chap-Stick brand, nothing else will do. I have a stick of chapstick on my nightstand, in my car, in the hubs’ car, at my desk at work, and in my purse. That’s not that weird is it?!


I can’t go to bed with dirty dishes in my kitchen. I literally won’t be able to sleep if I know that there are dishes sitting downstairs that haven’t been washed. That’s just sanitary, not weird, right?


Occasionally the hubs has to travel for work and me and the dogs get to hold down the fort. I like to take this time to revisit my college years and live as a single gal and do a throw-back grocery shopping trip.

image7Some of my purchases have changed a bit since my college days, but the staples are pretty much the same: mac & cheese, popcorn, and strawberries. I always have chicken in the freezer so that’s my main protein (if I even incorporate one), but most of my single-girl meals revolved around pasta and popcorn.


One of my healthier lifestyle / “you can’t eat like you’re 18 forever” go-to’s for dinner is roasted broccoli and mushrooms. It is amazing, AMAZING. Just take fresh broccoli and mushrooms, toss them with some olive oil, garlic, and parmesan cheese and bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.

A sample meal combination of single Katherine and married/healthy Katherine:


Best of both worlds.

The hubs and I have been together for about 2 years so most will say we are still in the “newlywed” stage. Probably true, but there are still plenty of things I enjoy about having the house to myself for a few days:

* The obvious, having the whole bed to myself

*Letting both dogs sleep in the bed with me (when the hubs is here, only Mila gets to sleep in the bed with us. Perks of being little)

* I don’t have to cook a nutritionally complete meal – mac & cheese and broccoli is just fine, no protein needed!

* I get 100% control of the remote which means Chopped re-runs ALL DAY

* I get to pick the movie I fall asleep to at night. Chick flicks on repeat.

* All of the dirty laundry makes it into the basket and I’m not picking up behind him because I’m OCD about everything being put away (not that he’s messy, I just can’t stand things not being in their place)

* I don’t have to go snatch the toothpaste out of the shower in the morning (who brushes their teeth in the shower?!), it’s right where it’s supposed to be on the counter next to the toothbrushes.

Just a few minor things, none of them make up for how much I hate when he’s away!


So, sometimes, you put something out in the universe, and the universe is nice and says, “Yea, you’re right. See?” I found this article yesterday when browsing Women’s Running and it affirmed my decision to stop pressuring myself so much before I start my marathon training.

What Happens When You Experience Running Burnout?

“This is stupid. I hate this. This is stupid. I hate this.” Over and over again, those two sentences rolled through my mind for the last, oh, 13 miles of my most recent marathon.

Read the full article here.


This is something I have to put into practice every day. Starting today.


Am I weird? What quirks do you have? Make me feel less weird!

What types of foods did you eat in college?

What kinds of foods do you incorporate into your running diet?


8 thoughts on “Am I Weird, Living Single, and My New Mantra

  1. Ummm being able to watch all the trashy TV I want is probably one of the best things about being home alone : ) And I CANNOT go to bed with the kitchen dirty either… And I need to make my bed every morning : )


  2. Love my husband to death but when he leaves for a few days, I love that time too! He’s wonderful, but there is something so relaxing about being by yourself for a few days. Mine takes a weekend trip with his brothers in September to our lake house and I make zero plans the whole weekend with anyone – I relax and recharge. Like a staycation! LOL!


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