Weekend Rewind and I’ve Decided

The weekend literally kicked my butt. I’m not sure how I was able to function on Monday but – as was evident by my lack of post – it was basically a wash. Here’s why…

image4Some pool day fun with Blondie and her hubby  on Saturday afternoon.


We brought the dogs over to have a play date with their friends Luke and Lacey and also to try to get Mila to swim around in the pool. We already know Wilson doesn’t like water, but Mila is part lab so we were hopeful that she would be a championship swimmer (like her mom…haha!).


They were worn out, but Mila loved the pool! Her fly dog training has commenced, the hubs is excited. Have you seen those dogs that jump over the lake to try to catch the toy and see how far they get?


That’s what he wants Mila to do. Craziness.


And then we had a yummy cookout to end the night.

Sunday we went to the Kid Rock concert. We had such a blast, but man, Sunday concerts make for a very difficult Monday!

IMG_1175 11223796_10101034558982768_8408831178988803416_n

Started with a little tailgate action…

image3 image2

Then made our way in to the amphitheater with 50,000 of our closest friends. I love Lakewood. Concerts there are what southern summers are made for.

11722588_10101034862499518_2670523330450488069_o image4Needless to say, we had a great time! We didn’t get home until about 1 am on Monday so I was basically a zombie all day yesterday. Definitely worth it.

Epic weekend.


I’ve decided to hold off on detailed posts on my runs or workouts until my actual marathon training starts in September. I think taking the pressure off of myself to publish or share my runs on a regular basis will help me enjoy the runs more. I don’t want to feel like I’m on a strict schedule yet since I don’t technically have a running schedule to follow. So before it becomes something that’s penciled in on my calendar every day, I’ll just be giving periodic updates on how my running is going. More details will come when I actually get into my training – hopefully this will keep running fun and enjoyable until then!

Thanks for understanding, but don’t worry – I’ll still be posting some other workouts and periodic updates!

My coach has me doing some exercises to strengthen my IT band.


I’ve always affectionately referred to this part of my body as my “saddle bags” but apparently they are a real muscle and have a real scientific name. You’re welcome. Here are some exercises he’s had me do.


The Clam with Leg Extension – This picture is a perfect demonstration. Except I don’t use the resistance band just yet. And Coach said to hold my supporting hand on my top hip and act like there’s a cup of coffee in there. Don’t open your legs up so much that you spill that cup of coffee because then you’r not using the right muscle. Hold for 5 seconds in each position x10 on each side. Feel the burn.


Fire Hydrant – These were pretty familiar to me already, but Coach has me do them a little differently that I was used to. Instead of doing a lot of reps extending my leg in and out, he wants me to focus on holding my leg in both positions B and C. So I’m supposed to work up to a 30-second hold in each position. Currently, I’m at 10 seconds. Hold in each position for 10 seconds, 2x on each side.

I can definitely tell that this muscle hasn’t been worked, um, ever? I’m glad it’s finally coming out of it’s shell and I’m excited to see how it helps me in my running!

Happy Tuesday!

Was your weekend epic? What did you do?

If you could go to any concert, what would it be?

Are there any muscles you’ve started working more in your exercising or running? 


10 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind and I’ve Decided

  1. Epic weekends always make Mondays hard, but are so, so worth it! I saw Zac Brown Band in concert earlier this summer and it was by far my favorite concert ever so if I had the chance, I’d love to see him again! Hope you have a fabulous day!


    1. Zac Brown used to come and play at the college I went to before the band blew up big time so I’ve seen him so many times on the campus green! I’m sure the shows are much more exciting now, but I love them too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like an awesome weekend!! I had an okay weekend, nothing crazy, nice & relaxing 🙂 If I could go to any concert, hands down, Taylor Swift. Thanks for sharing those exercises. I need to start working on anything to make my hips stronger!


  3. Your coach is having you do the MYRTL routine that I love so much! Check it out. There are a few more exercises you can add and they are quick and effective! Looks like you are having a great summer! I love concerts – so cool that you got to see Kid Rock!


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