1/2 July Photo Dump and Two Polls

We are now halfway through the month of July so I feel the need to do a photo dump and share my month thus far. I feel it only appropriate that I annotate the pictures in the form of a tweet (140 characters or less).

IMG_1116The endless supply of cuddles and kisses from Wilson.

image1-4Dinner date with old friends at new restaurants and yummy salads! Stockyard in the Marietta Square – win.

image4My current rotation of Yankee Candle tarts for my tart warmer (you need one).

image5Favorite $10 find at H&M, the most comfy sweater ever. Get it here. PS H&M has some great $10 deals right now.

image3No, it’s not an apple. It’s a white peach. Currently obsessed, I love crunchy fruit.

IMG_1016In a never-ending search for something to decorate the wall behind our headboard with. Too many Pinterest options. Help me decide:


Option 1 – Line of picture frames


Option 2 – Frame / accent collage


Option 3 – Painted accent design wall


This weekend, the hubs and I are going with a bunch of friends to the Foreigner and Kid Rock concert at Lakewood Amphitheater (I think it’s called Aaron’s Amphitheater now, but I still call it Lakewood, just go with it). This is the first concert the hubs and I have been to together – we have extremely different tastes in music, i.e. he loves Kanye West, I love Lady Antebellum. There are only a handful of artists we could see in concert together without it being absolutely torturous for one of us. Kid Rock is one of those artists (others include Fall Out Boy, Eminem, and John Legend…that’s about it). The hubs grew up in Detroit, so he was raised on Kid Rock. He is beyond excited. I’m still trying to decide on my outfit…girl problems.


This tank would be PERFECT! Too bad I didn’t find it sooner than two days before the concert, there’s no way it would get to me in time. I’m considering buying it anyway – get it at Hazel & Olive for $20!

Ok, I have another poll. I’m full of questions today. I need to sign up for another race this year. Help me pick one…

XTERRA Georgia Allatoona Creek Park 15K/5K – this is a trail run, I’ve never done a trail race before…could be fun?

Back on My Feet Meaningful Miles 4-Miler Race – it’s no secret I’m a city girl at heart. This race runs through some pretty cool parts of Downtown Atlanta and it raises money for some great organizations.

2nd Annual Red Hare Chase 5K – This is a local race around Marietta, one of my favorite areas to run. You get a souvenir glass from Red Hare brewery at the finish…enticing.

Today’s 5 miles will be done outside – wish me luck. This shirt pretty much sums up how it will go…



Which bedroom accent wall should I go with for my master bedroom?

Which race should I run this summer? 

Are there any cute or funny running shirts about your city? 


4 thoughts on “1/2 July Photo Dump and Two Polls

  1. I love picture frames, so I like the first two options! We have a big painting that my mom did of the beach above our bed and it’s a nice focal point of the room. I like either one big painting or a bunch of smaller frames.


    1. See, that’s what I need…a focal point! The wall feels so big I just don’t know if I will be able to find one BIG painting that will be big enough to hold its own on that wall. The struggle!


  2. I love the painted accent wall. I have an irrational fear of hanging things above my bed because I’m paranoid they’ll fall down on top of me while I’m sleeping!


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