Tuesday Things and I Need Some Help

Tuesday Things:

The television is one thing I can’t live with out. So You Think You Can Dance just started for the summer and my Monday nights are now complete.


This treadmill workout, guaranteed to kick your butt into gear. I did a 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down and I did the 4.0 and 5.0 paces at 6.0 instead for recovery.


Things I need you to know:

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I love quotes. Words are powerful. So is music. Some tunes I’ve been jamming to on my runs:

I Am by Awolnation

Dreamers by Awolnation (explicit, sorry!)

Fourth of July by Fall Out Boy

Friction by Imagine Dragons

Phenomenal by Eminem (explicit)

I Don’t Get Tired by Kevin Gates (explicit)


Winding down our day with a walk, Mila and Wilson are happy pups! I think it’s hilarious that they both get so excited to go on a walk and then 10 minutes into in they’re looking up at me like, “Um mom, it’s hot. When are we going home?”


Meet my Granddaddy, it was his birthday over the weekend. He lives in Michigan so I don’t get to see him very often, but I can feel his love all the way in Georgia. He’s probably my third biggest fan in life behind the hubs and the madre. Can’t wait to see him (and Grammy) at Christmas!

Things I’ve ordered off Amazon this week (click picture for link):

81clnnUX0AL._SX522_ The Massage Stick – I can’t wait to roll out my calves and quads with this thing.


Best Foam Roller – my hips and hamstrings are going to love me!

Things you need to see:


Self/less. The hubs and I saw this movie on Sunday afternoon and we both gave it two thumbs up. We thought it was different than any movie we’d seen recently and we appreciated the diversion from the typical sci-fi / action / drama stereotypical plot. The story line was interesting and complex but I was able to follow it pretty easily. If a plot is too twisted and convoluted, I will check-out and not even try to keep up. There was a bit of a love story but it wasn’t the typical romance so that was refreshing.

Overall we thought it was a good date night movie, it had something in it for the guys and the gals.

And lastly, some links that I need y’all to visit:

http://www.hungryrunnergirl.com <– One of my favorite running blogs

http://runningcoachcarl.com <– My new running coach (more on this tomorrow, let’s just say I’m a little excited!)

http://www.thefinancegirl.com/blog/ <– Blog with great budgeting resources for young professionals and other financial advice

Ok, I need some help. Lately after my runs, the balls of my feet right under my toes have been KILLING ME.


When I stretch my toes out it feels like they’re so tight and like they’ve been cramped up for days!


I don’t know what causing this pain though, so I’m having a hard time figuring out how to fix it! Help a sister out, running friends!

What are some songs you’re rocking out to while you run?

Anyone else fighting some running pains? Any thoughts on my foot issues?!

Any links or “things” you want to share with the class? 


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Things and I Need Some Help

  1. I love running to awolnation, fallout boy and imagine dragons! It’s so funny because the songs I run to usually aren’t songs I would choose to listen to when I’m just driving to work, haha. I always get foot/toe cramps after hard workouts… My doctor says its dehydration and lack of potassium so I started taking multivitamins and drinking Nuun tabs and it has helped a lot. I’m not sure if yours is a cramp or not though, I’ve never had pain right there!


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